Social Rights allocates 4.5 million euros to entities that do not…

Social Rights allocates 4.5 million euros to entities that do not…

Drets Socials has published a new call for grants to promote improvements in physical, communicative and cognitive accessibility in social service institutions, the Òmnia network, as well as in educational centres. Specifically, the Ministry will invest €4,583,000 of EU Next Generation Funds in this line.

The call targets non-profit organizations that manage public care social services network spaces and points Omni. It can also be accessed through approved educational centers that house students with hearing disabilities. At the same time, with regard to the care of students in public schools and institutes with this sensory disability, the administration is working to take the necessary measures to provide these centers with supporting materials.

The aim of the actions that can be financed in the new support line is to improve the comprehensive and sensory accessibility of institutions; Providing access to websites and mobile applications for information, procedures or inquiries, and facilitating accessibility of communications for students with hearing disabilities in the case of educational centres. For this reason it includes, among others, procedures such as removing steps and unevenness when installing ramps, lifting platforms or elevators; Website and App accessibility improvements; Implementation of sensory stimulation rooms. Or the integration of communication elements: magnetic rings, multimedia equipment for the use of remote Catalan sign language interpretation services or synchronized audio and video information systems.

the Submitting applications It is online and will be active until 3pm on January 29th. The department awards grants to projects that meet the requirements according to the date they arrive and until the accreditation is exhausted.

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The maximum amount that can be requested is 30,000 euros. In the case of educational centers, the ceiling has been set at 3,000 euros per project. Regarding deadlines, actions taken and completed between February 1, 2020 and March 29, 2024 can be submitted, as long as they meet the requirements of the call.

Firm commitment to making Catalonia an accessible country

The Ministry has allocated €14 million from Next Generation EU to strengthen measures to improve accessibility, and last year it already resolved a call for subsidies in this regard targeting local bodies that benefited 86 municipalities and county councils.

With this new line, the government adds an additional 4.5 million euros to this item and reaffirms its commitment to removing physical, cognitive and communication barriers. The publication coincides with the government’s approval of the Accessibility Law, which aims to improve the quality of life and independence of people with disabilities, and to make Catalonia an accessible country with guarantees and equal opportunities for all.

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