Michelle Yeoh raises controversy ahead of the Oscars

Michelle Yeoh raises controversy ahead of the Oscars

Just days before the 95th Academy Awards, the affair broke Michelle Yeoh: an actress Everything is everywhere at once She shared a post in which she basically self-campaigned for a Best Actress statuette “on account of” Cate Blanchett. A move that many did not like.

On March 7, the last voting day at the Academy, Yeoh posted an excerpt from an Instagram article that spoke about Cate Blanchett, the fellow who is also nominated this year in the same category for tar. In the piece, Blanchett’s presence is indicated He has already won two Oscars (in 2005 for the pilot and in 2014 for blue jasmine) and therefore his candidacy should somehow move into the background.

The article also pointed to the fact that it had been twenty years since a non-white artist won Best Actress (Halle Berry in 2002), wondering if this was the right year to turn things around. Michelle Yeoh seems to support this point and wrote in the comment:

This is not just meIt’s like every girl. we want to see. We want to hear.

The post was later deleted, but the actress’s position on voting remains open, causing controversy and discontent on the part of many users on the network. Nor is there a shortage of those who have championed a star Everything is everywhere at onceclaiming that he was speaking in general about a problem Acting at the Oscars.

However, considering Yeoh is considered Cate Blanchett’s equal for the final victory, in a year when the movie Daniels She was collecting trophies at every event, and to many it seemed like a futile attempt to campaign for herself.

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The Oscars will take place on the Italian night Monday, March 13, 2023: Between the allegedly non-rules submissions and Michelle Yeoh’s case, it’s likely that no one would miss a stage slap to revive this edition.

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