January 31, 2023

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The Return of Kilimanjaro Estate – Rai Press Office

Travel, Environment, Publishing and Cultural Study. “Kilimanjaro Estate”, one of Italy’s most popular and longest-running TV programmes, returns from Sunday 19 June in prime time on Rai 3. Camila Raznovich travels the world with exceptional guests and films, to explore, understand and entertain.
The first episode shows documentaries on the lakes route of Patagonia, Madagascar and China “On the Road”. The first guest of the evening will be the brilliant Vittorio Storaro, Director of Photography, winner of three Oscars, who will tell the journey of a lifetime alongside Bernardo Bertolucci. In addition, biologist Barbara Mazolai will showcase plant-inspired robots that learn behaviors from them. Finally, the novelty of this edition, Camila Raznovich will bring together “The Strange Couple”, a dialogue between two distinct worlds that apparently have nothing in common. On the first appointment, world-renowned sculptor Gago and astrophysicist Luca Perry will explore the deep connection that exists between art and science.
The news is also in the travelers desk. In addition to revealing unknown places from the four corners of the Earth, authors Floriana Pastore and Maria Iudis will visit and experience first-hand in Italy: from the world’s longest Tibetan bridge at Basilicata, to whale watching in Liguria. This week they will visit the Rio Verde Falls between Abruzzo and Molise.

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