June 8, 2023

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E-buses are also arriving in Italy

The Zero Emission E-Bus from Arrival, the English company specializing in electric cars, also arrives in Italy. Enel X is ready to test vehicles at the Vallelunga circuit, where Enel X Way freight services and solutions will also be used.

Enel X is a company Enel group Which provides products and services geared towards energy conversion with a view to sustainable development. together with ArrivalEnel X, a British company specializing in electric cars, is ready to testZero Emission Electronic Transmission. The goal is to stimulate The growth of electric public transport in our country.

Let’s see what it is.

Enel X with access: e-bus also in Italy


Enel X together with Arrival decided to testZero Emission Electronic Transmission. The tests will be conducted on the basis of the analysis matrix developed by the company to examine all the main characteristics of the arrival buses. Tests will be conducted in Vallelunga . circuitwhere vehicle charging services and solutions will also be used by Enel XY.

Francesco Venturinihead of Enel X, explained that:

Access buses are a very promising solution. A technologically advanced means of transportation which, if incorporated into our offer, can provide operators and users with the best possible experience.

And to confirm everything was also the head of access, Avinash Rogobor:

Our electric bus aims to set new standards in the passenger experience while reducing costs for operators. By manufacturing our vehicles in small local factories, we support a fair global green transformation. We create jobs for local communities, use local suppliers and manufacture vehicles designed for local markets.

Today, Enel X is the largest e-bus solutions provider in the world, outside of China, operating more than 3,200 e-buses globally.

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