Sanremo 2022, the muzzle between Amadeus and Chico Zalon infuriates the Telelombardia director: “a question of style”

Chico Zalon he warned Amadeus. Yes, because in Video With the technical director of sanremo Formalizing the presence of the Polyana comedian on one of the five Middle Eastern evenings Event The song, scheduled for February 1-5, Zalon was “keen” to ask the festival host if he was convinced he wanted him on the Ariston stage next to him: “But are you done paying the mortgage? Did your daughter buy a house? No, because then you will not work … perhaps in Telelombardia … ». At this brilliance, Amadeus burst out laughing. The joke between the two, and above all the laugh of the San Remo coach, did not go unnoticed. Fabio Ravizzani, the director in charge of news and sports at Telelombardia, in a tweet responding to the host’s laughter, sharply reprimands him: “Sorry to disappoint Amadeus, but the one who laughs so brazenly at his colleagues from another TV we’d never have broadcast. a matter of style.”

After criticism of Ravizzani, a user, an architect by profession, responded to the Telelombardia director: “Laugh, you’re not the BBC.” ‘That’s not the point,’ replied Ravizani, very indignantly. I don’t think it’s Le Corbusier either, but I think he’d tease her if a colleague called her a loser. Are you stuck? ». Another user adds: «Well, if one were to switch from Rai1 to Telelombardia, then objectively this would be a professional regression! Move from the Sanremo Festival to Sota el Cel de Lombardy (Lombard Broadcaster Program, so) would be a strong professional cut. The thing is objective, otherwise many of his former colleagues would not have moved to Rai.” In short, as usual, the festival has not yet begun and the controversies have already begun.

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