He suffered some fractures after falling at his home in Geneva. All appointments have been postponed

He suffered some fractures after falling at his home in Geneva.  All appointments have been postponed

Bad Fall at Home by Sophia Loren. It happened on the morning of September 24 at his home in Geneva. According to what we know, the actress was taken to the hospital, where it was found that she had suffered some fractures in her hip. Sophia Loren, from On September 20 he turned 89 years oldunderwent surgery in a clinic in Geneva: the operation went well, and now the actress will have to take a short period of rest to start rehabilitation. Sophia Loren is assisted by her sons Edoardo and Carlo. The accident, about which no further details have emerged at the moment, occurred in the morning but the news was announced and confirmed only several hours later, when the surgery was successfully completed.

The film was shot in Bari and connected to the city

On September 26 in Bari, Sophia Loren was expected to receive honorary citizenship and open the fourth restaurant in Italy that bears her name, after the Milan and Florence restaurants, and the restaurant at Fiumicino Airport. The relationship between Sophia Loren and Barry became closer After the actress played the lead role in the movie “Next Life”A film shot in Bari and directed by his son Eduardo Ponti. Filming finished in 2019 and the film was released in 2020. Sophia Loren received the David Di Donatello Award and a platinum ribbon for this film.

A career marked by dozens of awards

Since 1994, Sophia Loren has had her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and in 2009 she received a Guinness World Record as the most awarded Italian actress in the world. During her career, Sophia Loren received dozens of awards including Two Oscars and five Golden Globes. “Oscar night is something you should try.” He said to the courier. Speaking of the Oscars, her cry of joy remains unforgettable when she presented the award to Roberto Benigni in 1999 for best foreign film (Life is Beautiful): “And the Oscar goes to Roberto,” Sofia exclaimed.

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