What did he say to Kadota Libra?

What did he say to Kadota Libra?

Jerry Scotti is among Mediaset’s most beloved hosts. Every afternoon he enters the homes of Italians with his test “Caduta Libera”, which remains among the most followed shows of the afternoon. In the episode of Tuesday, November 14, the presenter indulged in a joke about a television series broadcast by his station, Terra Amara. The Turkish series, which is shown every day in November, enjoys a large following. But perhaps, Jerry Scotti is not among the fans. Maybe for a very specific reason. Let’s find out what it is.

Scotty dug

During the program “Caduta Libera,” one of the contestants had to answer a question that was solved by “Terra Amara,” the Turkish series broadcast on Canale 5. To help her, Jerry Scotti commented, “Every day we have to deal with these things.” The sentence is accompanied by a bitter smile from the host. The scene was replayed on social media, which noticed the announcer’s obvious drip.

One of them hypothesized that the reason for the anger could be related to Mediaset’s choice to compare “Terra Amara” with “Che tempo che fa” on Sundays, instead of focusing on its program “Io canto Generation.”

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