The reopening of the Rafah crossing and the exit of more than 400 dual nationals from Gaza today – News

The reopening of the Rafah crossing and the exit of more than 400 dual nationals from Gaza today – News

2.30 pm

A 6-year-old Italian girl and her Palestinian mother leave Gaza

After the first batch of Italians left the Gaza Strip yesterday, a six-year-old Italian girl and her Palestinian mother crossed the Rafah crossing this morning. They are now in Egypt, assisted by staff of the Italian Embassy in Cairo for their subsequent return to Italy. Farnesina announced this in a memorandum. “I am particularly pleased with the positive outcome of the case of this little girl, who will turn six tomorrow, and her mother.” Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani commented.

1.40 pm

Israel and Iranian militias alongside Hezbollah in southern Lebanon

An Iranian militia is helping Hezbollah fight Israel from southern Lebanon. Israeli military spokesman Avihai Adraee said that the “Imam Hussein” militia – which operated in Syria in recent years – “has participated in frictions with Israel in recent weeks and is participating in offensive activities inside the territories.” Israeli”.

1.38 pm

NGO: The four who left Gaza will be in Italy within 24 hours

The four Italians who left Gaza yesterday and are currently in a facility in Cairo provided by our embassy will arrive in Italy within the next 24 hours. This is what Sergio Cipolla, president of the Palermo-based NGO Ciss, says. “The return dates have not been officially announced yet, but it made us understand that these are the times,” he explains. One of the humanitarian workers who left Gaza, Jacopo Intini, from Abruzzo, works at CISS, with his Palestinian wife Amala Khayan, who will arrive in Italy with her husband.

12.11 pm

Hamas: The toll exceeds 9 thousand dead

The Ministry of Health in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip said the death toll had exceeded 9,000. The ministry said 9,061 people had been killed since the war began with a Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Of these, 3,760 were children. The ministry said that another 32,000 people were injured

12.06 pm

Tajani, let’s hope two more Italians come out

“I hope that today two more Italians will be able to leave the Gaza Strip.” This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani on the “Being Bond” program on Radio 1. The first four citizens who left yesterday “are in good spirits and in good health. They were taken overnight to Cairo, where they were transferred to Cairo.” “It is the Italian Umberto I Hospital, and as soon as possible, when they want, they will be returned to their homeland,” added the President of Farnesina.

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11.42 am

Berlin bans the presence of Hamas in Germany

German Federal Minister of the Interior, Nancy Weisser, announced “the banning of the activities of the terrorist organization Hamas and the Samidoun International Network – the Palestinian Solidarity Network” in Germany. This was stated on the ministry’s website. Berlin had announced its intention to ban the Hamas movement on October 12.” Samidoun is the NGO that sparked outrage when it distributed candy in the streets of Berlin on the afternoon of the Hamas attack on Israel.


400 dual citizens will leave Gaza today

Today, more than 400 people with dual citizenship will leave the Gaza Strip through the Rafah crossing. This was announced by Wael Abu Mohsen, the official spokesman for the Palestinian side of the crossing, noting that 100 people had already passed. He added that two buses carrying “100 foreign passengers” crossed the border crossing into Egypt on Thursday morning, including 400 people registered to leave and 60 war wounded.


A new group of dual nationals leaves Gaza

A new group of dual nationals leaves Gaza through the Rafah crossing. This was announced by a Palestinian border official.

10.24 am

Ambassador. Israel: It is impossible not to respond to the Hamas attack

“We do not want revenge: after the brutal attack by Hamas, it has simply become impossible for us not to eliminate Hamas’ ability to launch a similar attack from Gaza on Israel: and that is what we are doing. Hamas has made it impossible for us not to retaliate in response.” The Israeli ambassador to Italy, Alon Bar, told SkyTg24: “Jabalia is not just a refugee camp, it is also a military center for Hamas operations from which terrorists launch attacks on Israel and from which rockets are launched against civilians on a daily basis.” ” he added.


The number of Hamas hostages in Gaza has risen to 242

The number of Israeli hostages held by Hamas and other Palestinian factions rose to 242. This was announced by Israeli military spokesman Daniel Hagari.

video But how many Hamas hostages are there?


Yad Vashem: World leaders declare war on anti-Semitism

The Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem called on “political, cultural, religious and academic leaders around the world to declare war on anti-Semitism.” He explained that the appeal was launched “in response to the alarming wave of anti-Semitism sweeping the world,” following “the horrific attack against Israel by Hamas and jihadist terrorists on 7/10.”
“We are closely monitoring the significant increase in anti-Semitism in word and deed, including violent attacks against Jewish communities, institutions and individuals,” Yad Vashem President Danny Dayan said.


Wafa, a Palestinian woman killed by Israel in the West Bank

A Palestinian was martyred and two others were seriously injured by Israeli occupation forces’ bullets in Qalqilya in the West Bank. The Palestinian Wafa news agency reported that 131 Palestinians have been killed since October 7, the day of the Hamas attack.


Gaza: Egypt will help evacuate about 7,000 foreigners

Egypt will help evacuate “about 7,000” foreigners and dual nationals from the war-torn Gaza Strip, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry announced today.
Egyptian Deputy Foreign Minister, Ismail Khairat, said during a meeting with foreign diplomats that his country is preparing to “facilitate the reception and evacuation of foreign citizens from Gaza through the Rafah crossing.” According to the deputy minister, there are “nearly 7,000” people of “more than 60” nationalities waiting to leave Gaza.


Israel: The number of soldiers killed in Gaza has risen to 17

The number of Israeli soldiers killed in Gaza since Tuesday during the army’s massive ground operation has risen to 17. This was announced by a military spokesman.


Israel kills dozens of terrorists overnight

The Israeli army continues to “target terrorists and destroy terrorist infrastructure” in the Strip. The military spokesman announced that the army clashed overnight with several terrorist cells in the northern Gaza Strip, killing dozens of terrorists. The soldiers confronted Hamas militias “with the help of artillery and tank fire while leading a helicopter air strike and a ship-launched missile.”


Red Crescent bombing near Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza

Sounds of explosions and detonations were heard for more than two hours in the vicinity of Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza, according to reports from the Palestinian Red Crescent, which posted several videos filmed from one of the hospital’s windows on an X phone.
“For more than two hours, the area surrounding Al Quds Hospital in Tal al-Hawa in Gaza was subjected to intense bombardment, with loud explosions causing panic and fear among hospital teams and more than 14,000 displaced people,” Prcs says on X.

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New clashes between Israel and Lebanon

New clashes were recorded yesterday evening on the border between Lebanon and Israel. Hezbollah announced overnight that it had destroyed an Israeli drone in southern Lebanon with a surface-to-air missile, The Guardian reported.
Instead, the IDF stated on its Telegram channel that “a surface-to-air missile was launched from Lebanon towards an IDF drone. In response, the IDF struck the terrorist cell that launched the missile and the launch site. No damage was caused.” To the drone.”
The Israeli army adds, “Several launches were identified from Lebanon towards the Har Dov and Mount Hermon area in northern Israel. They fell in open areas. In response, Israeli army artillery hit the source of the launches.”


Biden: There is a need to pause to release prisoners

“I think we need a pause. A pause means giving time to let the prisoners out”: Joe Biden said this during a campaign event in Minnesota, after an audience member shouted “As a rabbi, I want you to ask for a ‘ceasefire now.'”
This was mentioned by the team of journalists accompanying him, without specifying whether the president was referring to the hostages or to the detainees in the Gaza Strip.


Talks about a multinational force in Gaza after Hamas

Talks are underway to create a multinational force in Gaza after Israel eliminates Hamas: two US senators have confirmed this. Democratic Senators Chris Van Hollen and Richard Blumenthal told Politico that behind-the-scenes diplomacy is working to establish a peacekeeping force in Gaza, although it likely will not include US troops. Van Hollen said, “Discussions are ongoing regarding the possible formation of the international force,” refusing to go into specific details. “These are very preliminary and fragile discussions.”
He added: “I think it would be important to have some kind of multinational force in Gaza as a transitional phase for what happens next.”

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