Is Lambretta back? The proposed model makes enthusiasts dream

Is Lambretta back?  The proposed model makes enthusiasts dream

Lambretta is an Italian legend who made a generation of fans dream. And now it can return with a truly unique model.

Italy has always been closely associated with the world of engines, both for two-wheelers and four-wheelers. Today we always hear about Ducatil Aprilia and other brands, But many years ago another legend came to the world, and her name is Lambretta.

Lambretta –

This is an Italian scooter produced by the mechanical industry Innocent people Milan, in the Lambrate region, hence the name. Production ran from 1947 to 1972, at least for the original modeland Lambretta could return today with a model that is no less than exclusive.

Lambretta, this is the legend that could come back

Importance Lambretta Well known, today seeing a rebrand would be a dream for many fans. Designer Tommaso D’Amico He posted a video on his channel YouTube, where he demonstrated the Hight Tech 400a virtual version that can bring to life this legend that made Italian motorcycle history.

The line, as can be understood from the author’s own description, is similar to the Lambrettas of the past, But there are several different details, such as headlights, front and rear. The seat takes on a more attractive shape, the exhaust has a new concept, as does the body that takes on a sophisticated line and is improved in terms of safety and resistance.

Author’s goal It is to promote creativity and wonderful Italian products, with the Lambretta that is our pride that we must cherish, in the face of the arrival of a very large number of models from abroad that have now invaded our lands. It should be noted that this model is the fruit of the author’s imagination, but seeing it actually would be a dream.

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