Chef imposes a ridiculous rule but that’s what we all need| finally

Chef imposes a ridiculous rule but that’s what we all need|  finally
New rule imposed in the restaurant to avoid disturbance. (street food news)

For the first time, a chef has written a rule that has divided the web audience, but maybe it’s also time for someone to do so.

Anyone who has had catering experience in their life, even if it’s just a season as a waiter in bars or restaurants, is sure to have quirky tales to tell. between demanding customers, some really obnoxious And other arrogant people, anyone who works closely with the public must have a lot of patience.

The internet is full of pages and blogs with episodes that are very entertaining to read, but experiencing them as a knowledgeable person doesn’t have to be entirely pleasant, even if you have a whole series of stories to tell and maybe laugh at along with friends.

By browsing through different social networks, you can find them in all colors. Like those who claim they didn’t know there was meat in Ossobuko, or those who complain that humus tastes like chickpeas, or again, those who send back rice claiming it’s still raw.

as they say: Is the customer always right? And restaurateurs must do everything to satisfy them. But what do you do when someone complains that lamb doesn’t taste like beef?

New restaurant rules

However, there is always a limit that even the customer should not exceed, and that is the limiteducation. Silly requests can be answered with a smile, but when faced with a smile rude table Things can change, especially when behaviors go wrong disturb the rest of the customers.

There is an attitude, unfortunately widespread, that is often a cause of complaints within restaurants. Imagine that you find yourself at a romantic dinner or maybe on a business date with someone Children running around the tablesHe may run and scream across the room.

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Rules for teaching children a restaurant
The new rule concerns children who must remain seated in restaurants. Street Food News

Children’s rules in the restaurant

Star Restaurant Oh Fragon de VesteraOn the Costa do Mare in Galicia, I decided to put pen to paper The rule is that children under the age of 12 must always remain at the table accompanied by parents. A decision that, although it may seem obvious, has been the subject of many criticisms.

However, it should be taken seriously. A matter of good manners And that’s it, those who go to a restaurant should not find themselves among them Brawling and screaming kids. Waiters are not required to babysit the children of inattentive parents, let alone overbearing parents, who are unconcerned about the inconvenience their children can cause to staff and other customers.

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