School shooting in Russia, 11 out of 15 children killed and 24 injured. The Kremlin: ‘Maybe he was a neo-Nazi’

School shooting in Russia, 11 out of 15 children killed and 24 injured.  The Kremlin: ‘Maybe he was a neo-Nazi’

The death toll from the shooting in the Izhevsk school has worsened, rising to 15 people, including 11 children, and 24 injured, including 22 minors, according to reports from the investigative committee to TASS.

Russian investigators say that a former student of the institute, Artyom Kazantsev, 34, perpetrated the attack at the Izhevts school, Interfax reports, citing the Russian Investigative Committee. The commission declared that its “possibility of its adherence to neo-fascist visions and Nazi ideology is under investigation”.

The attacker from Izhevsk School was armed with two modified blanks so that he could shoot real bullets: The press service of the National Guard Command of the Udmurt region told TASS. “After receiving a report of the shooting, elements of the National Guard with representatives of other emergency services arrived at the scene, cordoned off the area and tried to locate the attacker and his potential accomplices, and searched the floor. On each floor. – Explained -. During these activities, the found On the suspect’s lifeless body in a classroom, two empty pistols modified to shoot real bullets, empty magazines and magazines full of ammunition were found.” Read the report. The Russian Investigative Committee stated that the man was in possession of two military pistols and a large amount of ammunition. In one of the videos, he showed at least two guns. The attacker also prepared about 10 magazines with 9mm ammunition on which the word “hate” was written in red. The attacker – it has been confirmed – wore a black T-shirt with Nazi symbols and a mask. He had no documents, but his identity was verified. According to investigators, he is a 34-year-old former student of the institute, Artyom Kazantsev.

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