Taiwan: 5 ships and 30 Chinese planes were spotted around the island. New exercises after the visit of the American delegation

Taiwan: 5 ships and 30 Chinese planes were spotted around the island.  New exercises after the visit of the American delegation

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense announced, on the day of the announcement of a “joint patrol and combat mission” by the Chinese armed forces in response to the visit of the US congressional delegation to Taipei, which was observed at 17 locally (11 in Italy) 5 warships and 30 fighters, 15 of which are flying across The center line of the Taiwan Strait, the unofficial buffer zone that Beijing said it has cleared. “We condemn the People’s Liberation Army for endangering peace and security in our region by declaring military exercises,” the statement said.

The memorandum issued by the Taipei Ministry of Defense added that the Taiwan armed forces are “monitoring military activities throughout the area around us, and responding to every situation professionally,” noting that the usual protocols were followed in the face of air strikes with takeoff. The fighters must activate the radio alarm and missile system. In addition, the official Al Jazeera news agency CNA reported that various units of Taiwan’s armed forces have begun to review and analyze the tactics used by the People’s Liberation Army in its recent exercises conducted around the island against the initiation visit. US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: The goal is to adapt the response to possible new military scenarios

The Chinese “threat”

China had announced more military exercises around Taiwan in response to the meeting between the island’s president and members of a new delegation from the US Congress.

The visit – which was led by Senator Ed Markey – “flagrantly violates the ‘one China’ principle and the three Sino-US Joint Communiques, as well as China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and sends a wrong signal to the Taiwan independence separatist forces and exposes the true face of the United States as a disruptor and destroyer of peace and stability in the Strait.” Taiwan This was stated in a note by Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Wu Qian, who said that Taiwan “is from China and does not allow any foreign interference.”

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“We warn the US and DPP authorities (in power in Taipei, ed.) that using Taiwan to control China” is a “doomed attempt,” just as “reliance on the United States in pursuit of independence is doomed to failure,” he adds. Wu.
The Eastern Theater Command of the People’s Liberation Army “organized joint and multi-service combat readiness patrols and real combat exercises in the sea and airspace around the island of Taiwan.” Any attempt or action “that goes against the trend of history, goes against the will of the entire Chinese people, impedes the process of China’s reunification and will inevitably end in failure.” The Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman concludes that the PLA “continued to train and prepare for war, vigorously defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and forcibly eliminate any form of Taiwanese independence separatism and attempts of foreign intervention.”

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