The Promise Weekly Previews July 3-7: Curro attacks Jana!

The Promise Weekly Previews July 3-7: Curro attacks Jana!

Let’s discover together the weekly previews of La Promessa, a TV series broadcast from Monday to Friday on Canale 5: here are the summaries of the episodes to be broadcast from 3 to 7 July 2023.

They are back Weekly previews of La Promessathe Spanish series that keeps the audience company every day Channel 5. In the episodes that will be broadcast From 3 to 7 July 2023 It will happen Kuro will almost attack Jana, but Manuel will stop him! Meanwhile, the girl will tell Manuel that there is no future between them! But let’s see what happens in the episodes that air next week as always in the afternoon Channel 5!

The Weekly Promise advances July 3-7, 2023

Episode summary Monday, July 3

cruise He hates kuru And the boy does not understand the reason for all this hatred. Jimena located on the estate and Manuel He realizes that it is a maneuver from the parents because they want him to marry her, except d Logan He repeats again that he does not intend to do so. Leonorwhile carrying out his secret relationship with Maurotry to organize the wedding between Koro and Jimena. pious She doesn’t know what to do: she doesn’t want to continue her pregnancy to term either because as soon as she gives birth, she will be fired. reapedSo he offers her help.

Summary of the Promise episode, Tuesday, July 4

victory Manuel At the flying competition, he is in the newspaper and his parents get mad at him, but they argue Jimena He storms into the living room and takes up his defense. Manuel So he offers the girl a ride on the plane, and then asks Marie If you know why reaped He is no longer seen in the barn. reaped Still trying to talk to kuru But he treats her badly and tells her not to talk to him anymore. The young man then plays cards with Leonorwhich reproaches him for the fact that a true gentleman sometimes gives a woman some victory. Catalina She is increasingly concerned about the economic situation and talks to him Alonso. strut He reads a letter to all the slaves: It is from a son candlewho has become a soccer player and will come and play nearby! pious Spoke with cruiseShe needs three days off to stop her pregnancy and the Marquis gives it to her.

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Episode summary Wednesday, July 5

while pious It’s off to abort a pregnancy Petra He replaces her but does so in an authoritarian manner and eventually ends up arguing with her candle. Simona Find out who the mystery cook is strut He demands explanations from him, but he will do so only on the condition that she reveal the truth about her children’s letters. reaped He suffers greatly from the way he treats her kuru And we talk about it with Mariewhile Manuel Try to talk to reaped Because he understands that she is avoiding him. reapedThus, he clearly tells him that there can be nothing between them. Leonor He wants to reveal to his father who he is with Mauro And so he makes an appointment with him in the library, and also asks the guy to come over, but he reacts Alonso It’s not the best.

Summary of the Promise episode, Thursday, July 6

conversation between Leonor The father will not go as hoped Maurowho appeared in the hall without a uniform, scolds him Romulus. to be forgiven Leonor He meets him in the hangar. while Simona reveal the truth a strutHer children never wrote to her, it was she who sent each other false letters to deny an evil Petra who accused them of not being good children. strut Show off your cooking skills Simona. Maria and Jana They managed to make faith Thomas It can be found in a basin Jimena, but Cruz Everyone is forced to remain silent. Manuel and Jimena, Then they meet in the park and reaped See them together. Petra He manages to save the estate by selling Donna’s brooch Eugenie who gave it to her cruise.

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Episode summary Friday, July 7

kuru About to attack reaped but Manuel He intervenes and stops the cousin. cruise But she wants to throw a lavish party for her birthday Alonso and Catalina I do not agree since then Thomas recently died. JimenaOn the other hand, she is very happy cruise He asks her to teach Manuel to dance. there he shouts Mauro: Jane I saw him shirtless coming out of the barn! In addition, the woman is angry because reaped He thought she was with him. strut You will like it Simona He tells him about her son, but the cook doesn’t want to. Petra She’s already looking forward to being the new housekeeper, for sure pious He won’t come back, and tell him so Simona. That’s when it comes pious!

The Promisethe Spanish series, is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 2.45pm on Channel 5.

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