Michel Hunziker, after more than a decade of heartbreaking farewell: very painful news

Michel Hunziker, after more than a decade of heartbreaking farewell: very painful news

Michel Hunziker and the heartbreaking farewell that left the web speechless: Here’s what happened, the story details

One of the showgirls whose irony, beauty and sheer professionalism conquered millions of viewers who consider her a woman of a thousand resources: we are talking about her, the brilliant Michael Hunziker. She led, among many other shows, All Toghether Now, Strip the news with her great friend Jerry Scotty, Michelle Impossible, and Love Bugs. Unfortunately, despite the successes, the woman faces a great tragedy that has caused her a lot of suffering and grief.

Curiosities about Michael Hunziker (web image)

With a super adventurous personality, at the age of eighteen, Michelle Hunziker made it into the entertainment world by participating in the popular Miss Buona Domenica and winning the 1992-1993 edition. Thanks to this experience, she has been featured in many TV shows including Mai dire Monday, I Cervelloni and a successful program she has done. Bebo Bodo.

Michelle’s career has gradually taken off and is growing more and more so that Mediaset recently proposed to her a program in which she tells her life, with friends, family and celebrities from the entertainment world, focusing on both the dark moments and those that brought her greatness. cheerful.

But during the program for the up-and-coming talents All Now, she said she suffers from a phobia called technical ergo Trypophobiareveal: “I suffer from a phobia, called trypophobia, and now everyone knows, friends and relatives that I suffer from this phobia, and there are times when I feel sad, and there are times when things do not go as I would like.”

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As for the love of life Michelle Hunziker has been linked to Eros Ramazzotti From whom she bore a daughter, Aurora with whom she is particularly attached and who will give the couple one of the most beautiful gifts in the world: to make them grandparents. Then, after the tale ends with the singer, Michelle was linked to Tommaso Trussardi For ten years he gave birth to two beautiful girls, Sol and Celeste. After a summer flirtation with a VIP surgeon, Giovanni Angiolini, There were rumors of a flashback with Tommaso, which the parties involved have not confirmed.

Despite her beautiful career, Michelle Hunziker faced a huge loss that caused her a lot of suffering.

Drama lived by Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker crying
Endless grief by Michael Hunziker (web image)

In July 2022, Michelle Hunziker had to face a bereavement that caused her so much suffering and grief: the disappearance of her beautiful dog Lily, with whom she was deeply attached.

In one Instagram post, the Web conveyed sweet words and a photo of them together, saying: “I have a broken heart Because now you are no longer there. I love you”.

Then Michele Hunziker added:Wherever I was, and whatever I did, there were… dark, expressive eyes… always facing me waiting to tell her where to go, what to do, and who to bark, to be taken to get her kissed and scratched behind that fluffy orchid she only had.. She accompanied me on many adventures and was in coexistence with me.”

still: “I took it everywhere… I always thought over the years that it wasn’t possible life without her. Lily was my friend. Pure, lasting and unconditional love. I’m sad because now gone“.

Many fans showed their closeness at such a painful moment for the announcer. I read some of the comments:Mitch we are with you“.

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