Electric Mini Cars, Anything But Smart: A mobility revolution, 4 scary models that are super comfortable for the city

Electric Mini Cars, Anything But Smart: A mobility revolution, 4 scary models that are super comfortable for the city

Some love them and some hate them. They are small electric cars. The following are best suited for those who have to navigate traffic.

Small like some historical models in the past, it’s practical and allows you to find parking easily. These are electric mini cars that are able to combine comfort and respect for the environment. A combination which should convince everyone to some extent, and which instead does not fail to arouse suspicion on the part of some, convinced that small size is a low blow to security, in the face of massive presence SUV Trucks and heavy vehicles are on the roads facing each other every day.

Citroen AMI (Citroen official – Mondofuoristrada)

It must be said that production of small-sized cars isn’t exactly the order of the day, and anyone looking for a new car that isn’t huge at all knows it all too well. At dealerships most important in terms of fame and space, you can find very few machines slightly larger than the Smart. And in order for you to think that, especially in large cities, there is less parking, so the company’s strategies must be completely different on paper.

Instead, the market is showing that the opposite is true. As a result, Chinese brands, which are adept at making small cars, are becoming increasingly popular.

Also due to the aggressiveness of the sector in Asia, with the risk of devouring the sector of the old continent, some European brands have woken up.

How to get around traffic fast Here are the best mini cars

In this case we refer to Citroen. It can also be used by young people who do not yet have a driver’s license do you love It plays the role of C3 among small cars. Beautifully shaped and without grandiose ambitions, it is ideal for those who have to navigate within congested metropolitan areas, where more time is spent at traffic lights or in lines than on the road. It has a top speed of 45 km/h and peaks in 10 seconds. The range is 75 km and it takes at least four hours to recharge. The cost is 7990 euros.

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It has been highly advertised in recent months as its name refers to a much appreciated model in the past. and the Fiat Topolino Which, in the 2023 version, is very similar to the 500. Its engine emits only 8 hp, with a top speed still of 45 km / h and a battery of 5.5 kWh. By adopting 10A socket, it can be fully recharged within 3 hours. In general, a single charge covers 70 km. to get it instead, It takes about 8,000 euros.

Small electric car, how many km / h up
The little Microlino isn’t exactly cheap (Microlino Car Official) -Mondofuoristrada.it

The inspiration is the Isetta of 1953. It is 2.5 meters long, 1.47 meters high and 1.5 meters wide Microlin It has spoken so much for itself because it was created entirely in Italy. More powerful than the aforementioned fellows with a capable 17hp engine, it is capable of covering up to 60 miles on a single charge. The starting point reaches 90 km / h. The budget needed to make sure it’s not too low starts at €21,090.

Finally we pass XEV YoYo Italian Chinese. A futuristic look, it certainly does not go unnoticed. Equipped with all sorts of essential technologies, including a screen, it reaches speeds of up to 90km/h and covers 150km before you need to plug it in. The price list says 16,990 eurosBut with state incentives it drops to 13,990 euros.

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