Who’s Next on Dancing With the Stars December 4th: The First Finalists

The exciting eighth episode of Dancing With the Stars, two rounds to decide which couples will participate in the semi-finals. Let’s find out who was killed

Another double thermostat a Dancing with the Stars. The finish line is approaching the final and the difficulties of the tests are inevitably higher. This time, on the episode that aired on December 4, the couples first challenged each other to a choreography set during the week and then gave space to their emotions and personal stories. Let’s find out who was eliminated.

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Dancing with the Stars: Who came out in Episode VII

The seventh contender to be eliminated from the 2021 edition of Dancing With the Stars is Andrea Ianon. The rider joins Valerio Rossi Albertini, Albano, Fabio Galant, Metta, Bianca Gascoigne and Mimo Remigi. The duo of Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando were defeated in the final by Elvis Rigo and Toff Velfor, is now a regular player in the ultimate challenge and has won the 5th ballot. A stunning display of strength by a Swedish former rugby player and dancer.

In the first half, Elvis Rigo was ousted, while winning the provisional classification (based on the judges’ votes) was the pair consisting of Sabrina Salerno and Samuel PerĂ³n, followed by only three lengths by Valeria Fabrizi and Giordano Filippo, finally that of Andrea Iannon and Lucrezia Lando.

In the second space the feelings and personal stories of the contestants who then choreographed particular choreographies. To impress everyone Arisa, Valeria Fabrizi and Federico Lauri. Alberto Matano’s treasure goes to the hairdresser, while Rossella Era, sworn by the people, gives it to Morgan. The last of them were Andrea Iannone and Lucrezia Lando, who lost the play-off with Alves Rego and Tove Velfor.

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Who are the finalists for Dancing with the Stars 2021

After last night’s episode on December 4th, here I am First finalist for Dancing with the Stars 2021:

  • Sabrina Salerno – Samuel Peron
  • Valeria Fabrizi – Giordano Filippo
  • Morgan – Alessandra Tripoli
  • Elvis Rigo – Tough Velvet
  • Arisa – Vito Coppola
  • Federico Laurie – Anastasia Kuzmina

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