The Palestinian government offers its full resignation to Abbas

The Palestinian government offers its full resignation to Abbas

The Palestinian Authority revolts and bids farewell to Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh. Dr. presented. Yesterday, Shtayyeh announced his resignation and that of his government to President Mahmoud Abbas, due to the “political, economic and security” situation resulting from Israel’s “aggression” against the Gaza Strip and the “unprecedented escalation in the West Bank, including the East.” Jerusalem.” This step comes amid increasing pressure from the United States on the Palestinian Authority to work on a political structure capable of governing the future Palestinian state after the Gaza war, which claimed the lives of nearly 30,000 people, despite the Israeli authorities denying any possibility of establishing such a This is the national stage for Palestine, the Palestinians, and the motivation behind the resignation, which Abbas must accept, is to allow the formation of a broad consensus on future political agreements.

Shtayyeh said during the cabinet session in Ramallah, according to what was reported by the Palestinian Wafa News Agency, “This decision to resign came in light of the unprecedented escalation in the West Bank and Jerusalem and the war, genocide and hunger in the Gaza Strip.” This resignation was submitted by the entire Palestinian government, and it is the eighteenth resignation since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority after the Oslo Accords 30 years ago. Shtayyeh, along with 19 ministers and three female ministers, has been in office since April 2019. The majority of the government consists of members of the Palestine Liberation Organization, most of whom are from the Fatah movement, the same movement to which Abbas belongs. Other smaller formations with independent personalities. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are outside this government.

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Meanwhile, the Israeli war government has already received the army's plan to expand its ground offensive into the Strip to Rafah, at the southern end where one and a half million displaced Gazans are clustered. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office announced the presentation of “a plan to evacuate residents from combat zones in the Gaza Strip,” without even specifying the details of this project. The humanitarian situation in the enclave is beyond tragedy. The United Nations says that half a million people are at risk of starvation.

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