IB3 News | The interior floor of a house in Carrer Polvori collapsed

IB3 News |  The interior floor of a house in Carrer Polvori collapsed

The house was closed and 8 families were evacuated from the abandoned houses that the council will move

One person was slightly injured in the collapse of a three-storey building located on Calle Polfori in the Tirreno neighborhood (Palma). The infrastructure appears to be in the process of being rehabilitated or repaired. According to sources close to the events, three people, workers in the rehabilitation work that was taking place in the building, were able to get out after the collapse.

At first it was thought that the owner's son might be trapped as he had been living in this house until yesterday. Finally, the owner's son was found in Cala Major, and he was not there when the building collapsed. The workers were notified of the incident at 3.50pm and local police and Palma firefighters were sent to the area. Currently, the home is closed and technicians are expected to review it.

As a precautionary measure, homes near the house affected by the collapse were evacuated. These are the houses on either side and those directly in front of and behind the rugged site. The council is currently working to move 8 families living in these homes. Technicians confirm that the winds expected this evening may lead to the collapse of what remains of the building.

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