Android apps that cause you problems, try not to use them

Android apps that cause you problems, try not to use them

Not all the applications that we frequently download from different official stores are reliable and secure. In fact, in some cases, these applications pose a risk to the privacy and economic security of various users. Below are Android apps that you should never download for any reason in the world. All the details about it.

We all download and install countless program On our electronic devices. Official applications will never cause virus and security issues. However, the unknown ones can pose a real threat.

In fact, in more serious cases, the danger is that these applications can “infiltrate” your device and obtain personal data, codes, passwords and many other sensitive data. The side that can be represented by a Very high risk for the individual usercompletely unaware that he installed it on his device smart phones Sneaky and extremely dangerous malware.

Our goal in the following lines is to inform all our readers about the disturbing discovery that has been made in recent weeks. In fact, the year 2024 has opened with a new threat to all Android device users. What are we referring to? Here's everything you need to know about him Android Apps That Can Literally Get a Lot of People In Trouble and How to Defend Yourself Effectively.

Android Apps You Should Never Download: All the Details

Experts in ThreadFabric It recently announced a real threat to anyone who owns one or more devices Android. The issue specifically concerns some apps that, since the report arrived, It was immediately removed from the Play Store. The problem is that many people may have downloaded such apps before.

Be careful of these Android apps (

Applications provided with this virus have the ability to Remote control of various devices Hence, also access to all the sensitive data of the unfortunate user.

Therefore, there will be a risk of bad actors doing this Access your existing account, which literally puts you in trouble from that point of view. Let's analyze which Android apps should be removed as soon as possible, if they are installed on your phone.

the list

the 5 Android applications Dangerous and must be completely removed from your smartphone, they are the following:

  • PDF Viewer – File Explorer
  • PDF Reader: File Manager
  • PDF Reader – Viewer and Editor
  • Phone Cleaner – File Explorer
  • Phone Cleaner: File Explorer

Those who installed Android 13 until November last year faced very high risks, as these applications easily managed to bypass the security standards found on the phones. But even today, these apps – despite being removed from the Play Store – still remain… They can be dangerous if installed.

But fortunately for Italian consumers, this threat has been more targeted in other countries, such as Germany, Slovakia, the United Kingdom and Spain.

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