Huge absolute majority for Labour and historic defeat for Conservatives

he labor Party He will win the UK election by one. Absolute majority with 410 seatsAccording to a BBC poll. Social Democratic leader Keir Starmer He thus becomes Prime Minister, ruling out the Conservatives. Rishi SunakWhich, according to the British public network, will suffer a historic decline and will have nothing left but 131 deputiesThe gap between the two parties will be 279 MPs, a narrower margin than Tony Blair’s historic Labour result in 1997.

If the results are confirmed, it will be a landslide victory for Labour, ending the 14-year Conservative era. This large majority in the House of Commons..Labor will go from 203 to 410 seats.– It will bring a clear relief to 10 Downing Street, where Keir Starmer could be installed on Friday, taking over the task of forming a government from King Charles III.

On the other side of the coin, The number of Conservative seats will increase from 365 to 131 seats.If opinion polls confirm this number or a similar number, it will be Worst result for the “Conservatives” since World War II.

Third place will be for Liberal Democratic Partyheaded by Ed Daveyfavourable to returning to the European Union, which would have been 61 MPs.

The result of the vote at the ballot boxes was known immediately after the polls closed at 10-11 Catalan time. The audit will continue during the morning, and on this Friday morning, it will be known how the House of Commons will be formed for the next five years.

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Far right, top, and SNP, bottom

The far right will storm the House of Commons by force at the hands of populists Nigel Farage With an anti-immigration rhetoric. Theorist and promoter of Brexit, and leader of UK ReformHe will win a seat in parliament after seven failed attempts and put the party in a leading position. Fourth Force with 13 seatsAccording to a poll conducted by the BBC.

The prognosis is not in favour of the Scottish nationalists, who will be the second biggest losers today. Scottish National Party The Scottish National Party (SNP) will pay a heavy price for the rise of Labour, in Scotland too, and will be left with Only 10 seats –In 2019, it achieved 48–, and moved from the third force to the fifth force. The launch of the national formation of the leader did not help them, John Sweeneyand faces an investigation with Nicola Sturgeon, who has so far been unchallenged. The party has had three Scottish first ministers in just one year, and saw London denied a second independence referendum.

What explains the radical shift in British politics?

The British people want change. This is what the poll, published as schools closed, showed. The instability and disastrous political and economic management have contributed to the Conservatives’ reputation being tarnished. Three prime ministers in three years.Boris Johnson, Liz Trusswhich lasted less than two months, and Rishi Sunak–, Partigate and the economic collapse, with the rising cost of living, pushed voters towards an option that would bring them stability.

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All polls suggest Rishi Sunak will leave Downing Street on Friday (Temilade Adelaja/Reuters)

This is where Labour’s Keir Starmer comes in, a charismatic but pragmatic candidate who has managed to win the trust of both the working class and businesses. A human rights and family lawyer, traditionally a Labour, Starmer took the game to the middle.It was a formula that would have helped him gather many votes.

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