June 7, 2023

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The war between Russia, Ukraine and the UK “discuss” sending ships to the Black Sea to protect grain exports from Odessa

warships European countries and beyond to protect Ukrainian cargo ships loaded with grain ready for export. This is the idea that emerged from the recent meeting between the British government and other allies to try to rein in product theft At the hands of the Russian forces that control the south and the sea ports in the occupied country Russian President Vladimir Putin. A risky move, which is to send the kingdom’s fleet to the Black Sea, but it is considered necessary open export to a country so essential to the grain supply of many states that, without supplies, they would risk running out of primary commodities.

At the meeting with government representatives Boris Johnson The Lithuanian Foreign Minister was also present, Gabrielius LandsbergisWho held a meeting about the potential sea lane you protect Odessa across the Bosphorus with its British counterpart, les truss. Landsbergis spoke of one coalition Of the participants which could include some NATO countries and others that depend on imports of goods from Ukraine.

Even the US administration has already taken steps to ensure that trade flows are not further hampered by announcing, last week, that it is working closely with European allies to develop ways to ensure exit from the Ukrainian grain and corn-producing country to the Republic of Ukraine. Odessa port area blockade.

The war in Ukraine caused a massive increase in grain prices, which was especially felt in developing countries. what a total 25 million tons They are currently trapped in Ukrainian ports, according to the German foreign minister Annala Barbuk.

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