The municipality of Andorra la Vella is launching a job training program targeting young people

The municipality of Andorra la Vella is launching a job training program targeting young people

The municipality of Andorra la Vella is launching a new job training program targeting young people With the aim of enhancing their integration into the world of work and providing them with the necessary tools for their professional and personal development. The initiative called Corolla softwarerevolves around two axes: on the one hand, hosting young students in training periods throughout the year for training residencies in different departments of the commune, and, on the other hand, giving the possibility to girls and boys from the parish between 16 and 17 years old to work in the administration during the summer and obtain their first Experience them in the world of work.

Today, Junior Consul Olala Losada and Minister of Social Affairs, Youth and Citizen María Nazzaro presented the objectives of the initiative, which was also born with a clear call to strengthen the training of future qualified professionals for public administration and thus contribute to the renewal and modernization of the sector. They also added that it is a way to support young people in their own way First work experience I This gives them the opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired during academic training in a real work environment.

In this regard, they pointed out that the Commune of Andorra la Vella In the past three years, it has hosted 118 internship students from different educational systems (Vocational education and training, baccalaureate, university centers, and the Our Lady of Meritxell Private Foundation) and that the experience was more than positive.

Conditions for applying for a summer job

As for young people looking for their first job, this summer the Commune offers 44 places aimed at underage workers (part of the places are reserved for people with disabilities recognized by CONAVA), which will be divided equally between two shifts (in July and August) and will have a working day 5 hours per week from Monday to Friday. There will be vacancies in the departments of tourism, sports, culture, social and public services. To apply for a position, those interested must submit their applications before 3pm on April 12 to the Human Resources Department.

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When applying for places, candidates can choose between one of the two shifts and also indicate which department they prefer. Pre-selected people will have to pass a written test of knowledge of the parish area (it will be on April 24) and will then conduct a personal interview with the candidates to rank them according to their profile and view the available places. “We want the whole process to be as real as possible and similar to the selection processes in the working life of adults,” Maria Nazzaro emphasized.

The Junior Consul also explained that one of the strengths of the program is to provide support to young people throughout their stay in the Commune, so the young participants will have a reception where they will be explained what a Commune is and there will also be a dynamic to get to know each other. In addition, they will receive the support of department heads in the areas where they will work during the process. On the last day of the stay the young people's work will be evaluated A certificate of recognition will be awarded Which will accredit their work in the Commune and add points for possible future jobs in municipal administration. “With this final evaluation, we want to give the program educational value.”“, concluded Olala Losada.

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