The news in Dacia: another low-cost SUV arrives

The news in Dacia: another low-cost SUV arrives

Dacia will launch two new SUVs in the short term, with affordable prices that will immediately conquer the car market. Meanwhile, Duster sales are flying.

It seems that the Dacia brand is destined to dominate the Italian market and beyond. In January, the best-selling model in Europe turned out to be the Dacia Sandero, which shows that the Romanian brand has understood how to hit the masses with an unbeatable quality-price ratio. In the ranking of best-selling cars there is also another model of the same brand, namely dacia duster, a strong point in the SUV segment, destined to cover a key segment in the present and future market plans. Indeed, motorists from all over the world are increasingly moving towards abandoning city cars in order to shift them towards small, medium and large crossovers.

Dacia Pejster –

Dacia wants to raise its voice in the sector SUV, as always towards a philosophy of accessible prices, quality products, but with technologies pared down to the essentials and without too many frills that are not often used. The goal is also to make the SUV segment more accessible to everyone, which is why in 2023 it will launch new models in line with Duster, to storm the market with at least three very interesting offers. And not just in terms of price.

Two new Dacia SUVs

In the short-term plans, Dacia has in mind the segment C SUV called Bigster. It will be 460 cm long, thus 25 times larger than the Dacia Duster. Thus, the new entry will be able to guarantee maximum comfort for five or seven passengers, as there will also be a third row of seats. To give us an idea of ​​what the concept car will be like Dacia Bigsterunveiled during the electrification strategy Renault group. The new SUV is scheduled to arrive at dealerships in 2024 and at the moment there is no official data.

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Dacia Duster –

It seems certain that the Dacia Bigster will have a more modern look than the current models of the Romanian brand, with digital instruments and a simple dashboard. The engine range could include the 1.2 TCe turbo, manufactured by Renault, and the new 1.8 for the plug-in hybrid version. For the price, we should expect an initial figure of just under 30 thousand euros, to be able to compete with the direct discount T-rock and C-class SUVs in the market.

In the plans of the Roman House, there will also be a new SUV with the same name Dacia Fastback, but that’s just a code name for now. The idea is to equip this car with 100% electric motor, which will join Spring, the brand’s first EV model. It will be a family car, roomy, with more complete and advanced technological equipment. For now, all that remains is to wait before the first official details are known.

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