It overtakes the Volkswagen Tiguan and T-Roc as the best-selling diesel car in Spain

It overtakes the Volkswagen Tiguan and T-Roc as the best-selling diesel car in Spain

It's no secret that diesel engines are no longer as popular as they used to be Spain I for Europe Just a few years ago. Engines seem to be the ones most in the attention of the authorities due to their greater degree of pollution compared to others. There are many drivers who choose to forget diesel directly when they go looking for a new car.

In this sense, the mechanisms that have stolen the largest share of the market are self-charging hybrids and micro-hybrids, which are the second most registered mechanical group in Spain after gasoline, with a 30 percent share in the case of electric hybrids, mild hybrids (MHEVs) and others. More than 40 in the case of gasoline.

The diesel company currently makes do with just over 12 percent, a smaller share than it did last year when it lost more than 15 percent of its sales. Obviously, the fact that many brands, especially General, have stopped having diesel engines does not help that this mechanic has certain hopes of regaining ground. Moreover, there are quite a few who assert that within a year or two more electric cars than diesel will be sold in Spain.

The Audi Q3 continues to dominate diesel engines

Looking at the top 10 best-selling diesel cars in Spain, it becomes clear that premium brands' bet on this type of mechanics is still a good bet. This is the number one seller in our country with diesel mechanics audi Q3, The best-selling premium model in Spain and the leader of the four circles in our country.

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In second place there is one Dacia Ashtray That, of course, in the new generation that has already been presented, will not have this type of mechanism, leaving the third drawer of the platform for Volkswagen Tiguan.

From there until the tenth position, models such as: BMW X1he Volkswagen T-Roc, Renault Cleo, Peugeot 3008, citroen C3, Mercedes A-Class I Audi A3, Most of them are models of premium brands. Certainly, since premiums continue to bet on this type of engine, in 2024, it will be a premium that once again takes the title of best-selling diesel in Spain.

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