For years he lived under a bridge –

For years he lived under a bridge –
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Anthony was 66 years old. In 2011 he said: “My sister and I have never loved each other before. My father would be glad if she died of hypothermia.”

Anthony willthe older brother MadonnaAnd He died Friday at the age of 66. To announce the disappearance was musician Joe Henry, husband of Melanie Ciccone, one of the pop star’s sisters.

Anthony fought for a long time withAlcohol and drug addiction which they brought him Live under the bridge Traverse City, Michigan for several years. A severe case kept him away from his family until 2017, when he returned home after a lengthy rehabilitation process (which he initially opposes: “My family thinks rehab is a kind of magic”).

It was Anthony Ciccone She publicly attacked Madonna several timesAs well as the rest of the family for not helping him in his dark years. “I’m zero in their eyes, I’m just an embarrassment. I almost froze to death, but my family didn’t care for months – he said in 2011, as reported by the Daily Mail -. My father would be glad if she died of hypothermiaSo, you don’t have to worry about me anymore. Madonna? I never loved her and she never loved me.”

“Why is my sister a millionaire and I live down the street? It could happen to anyone, never say never.” According to the Daily Mail, the pop star learned of her brother’s situation and offered to help him, aThe offer was rejected by Anthony Ciccone: «I don’t want them to give me handouts because I’m Madonna’s brother, I’m not looking for publicity».

In 2013, he was also arrested for trespassing, as he sustained a deep head wound following a fight with a policeman.

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