Ukraine, Live Coverage – USA: “We will not recognize Crimea as Russian.” Zelensky: “We bring it back.” Putin: “The START Treaty is suspended? This is for our security”

Ukraine, Live Coverage – USA: “We will not recognize Crimea as Russian.”  Zelensky: “We bring it back.”  Putin: “The START Treaty is suspended? This is for our security”

American Chamber of Commerce Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman: “Biden sends planes to Ukraine”

The chairman of the US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, Republican Michael McCaul, has urged the Biden administration to provide Ukraine with more advanced weaponry, such as long-range aircraft or missiles, announcing that the (opposition-controlled) Congress intends to act on it. He takes her back there CNN. “We can’t put our heads in the sand,” McCaul said, adding that one possible measure to pressure the president would be to specify the type of weapons in bills needed to give the go-ahead to send military aid. to Ukraine. “I know the administration says U.S. support will continue ‘as long as necessary,’ but with the right weapons, it won’t take that long,” the Texas congressman stated, striking Biden that he didn’t do “more” to hasten the end of the war.

The White House: “What will happen to Crimea? The Ukrainians will decide it with us. “

“What will eventually happen with Crimea, in the context of this war and finding a solution to this war, is something that the Ukrainians need to determine with the support of the United States.” This was stated by Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Adviser, in an interview with CNN. He added, “But I will not go into hypothetical questions, because what we are facing today is a counterattack from the East and the South. We have to give them the tools to fight and we are doing that.”

German Defense Minister: “We judge China by actions, not by words”

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius reacted skeptically to China’s stated plans to end the Ukrainian conflict. “When I hear reports – and I don’t know if they are true – that China may be planning to supply Kamikaze drones to Russia while presenting a peace plan, I suggest we judge China by its actions and not its words,” he said.. he stated in an interview with the radio station German general quoted by CNN.

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Putin: We cannot ignore NATO’s nuclear capabilities

Russia must take into account the nuclear potential not only of the United States, but also of all other NATO countries, since the alliance considers the strategic defeat of Moscow to be its main goal. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in an interview with Rossiya-1 channel, commenting on the suspension of Russia’s participation in the New Beginning Treaty. “Under today’s conditions, since all the major NATO countries have declared our strategic defeat as their main goal to make our people suffer, how can we not consider their nuclear potential under these conditions?” Putin said.

The White House: “If China supplies weapons to Russia, it will incur real costs”

There would be “real costs” for China if it supplied arms to Russia for its war in Ukraine. This is the new warning issued by the United States to Beijing. “From our point of view, in fact, this war presents a real complication for Beijing and Beijing will have to make its own decisions about how to proceed, whether to provide military assistance – said White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan – but if it chooses this path, it will have Real costs to China. “And I think Chinese leaders weigh this in their decision-making,” Sullivan told CNN, adding that in diplomatic contacts with Beijing, “the United States doesn’t just address direct threats.” “We make it clear what’s at stake and the outcomes — made clear — and how things might evolve, and we do that in a clear, specific way behind closed doors.” According to reports from US intelligence sources, China is considering whether to send drones and ammunition to Moscow, but there are no indications that Beijing has made a final decision.

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Berlin: a defense agreement with Kiev in exchange for negotiations? bloomer”

The German government has denied reports that Berlin, France and the United Kingdom have offered Kiev a “defense pact” in return for starting peace talks with Russia. This was stated by a German government spokesperson, as reported by Tageschau and relaunched by Ukrainska Pravda. “In the recent meeting of Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron with Ukrainian Head of State Zelensky, the issue played no role,” the official stressed. Earlier this week, The Wall Street Journal claimed that the UK, Germany and France would offer Ukraine a “defense pact” with NATO that would give it greater access to Western military equipment, but would also see the resumption of peace talks with Russia. According to the newspaper, during the meeting in Paris in early February, Macron and Schulze informed Zelensky that he should start looking into the possibility of peace talks with Moscow.

The Russians tow a ship with Kalibr missiles from the Black Sea

On Saturday, Russian forces withdrew the only ship carrying Kalibr missiles from the dock in the Black Sea. This was reported by the Ukrainian Navy as reported by Ukrainska Pravda. According to the Navy, 7 Moscow ships are now operating in the Black Sea, among which there are no missile carriers. There is a Russian ship in the Sea of ​​Azov.

Tagani: Sending fighters to Kiev is not on the table

At the moment, sending fighters to Ukraine is “not on the table”. This was confirmed by Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, a guest on Ray Tree for another half hour. This is because “training a fighter pilot with advanced aircraft like the Gharbia requires months of training.” Moreover, to do this “we need the same planes” from all partners. “We have always committed ourselves to sending materials for the defense of the Ukrainian territory,” Tajani emphasized, noting that in Ukraine “Samp-T batteries will arrive as an air defense tool, along with other materials.” The deputy prime minister said that parliament had “authorized the government to send weapons until 2023, and we honor this commitment.”

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USA: “Crimea is Ukraine, we will not recognize it as Russia”

“Nine years ago, Russia invaded Ukraine and seized Crimea, in clear violation of international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.” US State Department spokesman Ned Price stated in a statement that “The United States does not and will never recognize Russia’s alleged annexation of the peninsula. Crimea is Ukraine.”

Pope: We do not forget the tragedy of war

“Let’s not forget the tragedy of Ukraine, which has been at war for a year.” This is how Pope Francis came after the angels from St. Peter’s Square, who also mentioned “the pain of the Syrian and Turkish peoples over the earthquake.” The Pope also expressed his concern about the situation in Burkina Faso, “where terrorist attacks continue. I invite you to pray for the people of that dear country so that the violence they have suffered does not make them lose faith in the path of democracy, justice and peace.”

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