The first release of the new BTP Valore for small savers is in the works

The first release of the new BTP Valore for small savers is in the works

From today Monday 5th June until Friday 9th June (unless early closing) the first issuance of the new Btp Valore begins, the new family of government bonds intended for young (retail market) savers who will be able to subscribe to the bank, post office, wherever You have a securities account, but also online through home banking.

Btp Valore has a term of 4 years, fixed returns that increase over time (the so-called leverage mechanism) and an additional final loyalty bonus equal to 0.5% calculated on the capital invested and paid to those who hold it until maturity in 2027.

Coupons are semi-annual and will be calculated based on minimum guaranteed rates reported on June 1st:

  • 3.25% for the first and second years;
  • 4.00% for the third and fourth year.

At the end of the offering, final coupon prices will be announced and may be confirmed or revised, but only upwards, based on market conditions on the day the issue closes.

The security ISIN code during the placement period is IT0005547390.

The placement does not include distributions, commissions or investment ceilings, which may start from a minimum of 1,000 euros. Investors will always be guaranteed complete satisfaction with their requests, subject to the Ministry’s right to close the case in advance.

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