A new social network to ‘defend freedom of expression’: at the roots of Elon Musk’s latest idea

A new social network to ‘defend freedom of expression’: at the roots of Elon Musk’s latest idea

The world’s richest man is “seriously considering” opening a new social platform to ensure space to defend freedom of expression. It all started with a scan. The March 25 Elon Musk ask his family 79.2 million followers On Twitter if the platform founded by Jack Dorsey guaranteed its users freedom of expression. Musk also added that it wasn’t just a question to fill in a gap between test launches SpaceX And a new model Tesla: “The results of this poll will be very important, please vote carefully.” The poll was voted on by more than 2 million people This is for the most part, 70.4 percent, they decided not. Once the poll results were consolidated (it could still be voted on) Musk began revealing his papers: “Since Twitter has effectively become a public square, the fact that it doesn’t respect the word freedom undermines the principles of democracy. What needs to be done?” Then the suggestion: “Do we need to create a new platform?”.

There are several answers to this question. Among them, user Pranay Pathole wrote: “Are you thinking of creating a new social platform? A platform built on an open source algorithm, where freedom of expression and the sharing of this freedom have priority, a platform where publicity is reduced? I think this kind of platform is what is needed now.” Musk responded to the comment: “I’m seriously considering it.” Investment expert Dave Lee suggested another solution: “Would you like to make an investment and become the Twitter CEO? Can you try to make the necessary changes?”

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The answer to the Trumpian universe

Musk’s tweets were inundated with thousands of comments. Among these platforms that in recent years have created an alternative platform to the big tech social networks, tend to host willing right-wing refugees fleeing the politics of fake news and hate speech. Also among those was Rumble’s, who wrote: “We don’t need a new platform but we want to help you. Rumble for videos (YouTube), Local for subscriptions (Patreon) and Truth for microblogging (Twitter). Let’s go?”. Sure, we’ve learned not to believe all of Musk’s Twitter footage but after unleashing a revolution in the automotive and aerospace industries, Musk may have just discovered a new target.

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