The Municipal Theater l’Ateneu presents the program of the new theatrical season

The Municipal Theater l’Ateneu presents the program of the new theatrical season

Next January 13, 2024 begins Winter and spring From the Culture Department of the Igualada City Council. Includes 19 offers From the established theatre, music and dance program at Teatre Municipal Ateneu and La Xarxa d’Igualada and pocket music at Ateneu Igualadí.

In presenting the program, Culture Advisor Carmi Riera highlighted its diversity and artistic richness by betting on theater and music that people make at home. The closest proposals implemented by similar and similar entities and companies.

Season tickets from December 11 and individual tickets from December 18

In order for you to purchase Tickets and season tickets To give up two open sales periods before the Christmas holidays. From December 11, you can purchase tickets for the new season, and from December 18, you can purchase tickets individually. Tickets for the Teatro Municipal Latino will go on sale on Monday, December 11 at 11 a.m. on the website

Exceptionally, tickets will be sold from December 11 to 15 from 11 am to 1 pm and from 6 pm to 8 pm at the theater’s box office. For the rest of the week, season tickets can be purchased at the Municipal Exhibition Hall/El Punt on Carrer Garcia Fossas during regular hours. From December 19, individual tickets. In these areas there are discounts for different groups. During the same show week in fixed programming, there will be €5 tickets for young people up to 25 years of age.

It was brought up to the band Three types of subscriptions. They have a free ticket to the big band concert at the school/conservatory of Igualada, on Sunday, February 25th. You can choose between 5, 6 or 7 offers at 72, 84 and 91 euros respectively. With their concert on February 25, the ECMMI Big Band composed of students from the final years of the Municipal School of Music, proposes a jazz evening, a gift for all participants and open to the public with individual tickets on sale from December 18 both online and at the box office.

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Classics of music, theater and dance

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the death of Pau Casals, the Igualada Mixed Choir, the Canego Choir in Vic, the Orfeo Manresa and the Carmina Choir in Barcelona will give their speeches. manger, A work premiering at Igualada, with text by Joan Alavedra and orchestration by Anthony Ross Marba. It will be held on January 13 in Santa Maria and will be performed by the Terres de Marca Orchestra and the Vic Chamber Orchestra.

irish bones, by Victor Porras, of Noh Theater, is a text about the failure of friendship awarded with the Kim Masu and Frederic Ruda Prizes (2022). It will be played by Evan Bennett, Norbert Martinez and Ernest Villegas on January 28.

Carlo Goldoni is the author of the book Carolina, the loving servant, La Perla 29 stars Mireia Aixalà – recent winner of the Butaca Prize – and is directed by Oriol Broggi. This Italian classic stars a great cast and can be seen on March 10.

On Saturday, March 23, which coincides with Holy Week, La Coral Mixta and Cosmos Quartet will perform The seven last words of Christ on the crossBy Joseph Hayden in Santa Maria. A chamber piece of truly moving lyricism and expression.

Oka Mr. Esteve Written by Santiago Rusiñol is a modernist work that talks about the relationship between the artist and society. It was presented by Àngel Llacer for the TV program La Puntual. Eleven artists will bring all the characters to life on Sunday, April 7.

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On April 21, Mercy Aranega translated Michela Murgia’s text Instructions to become a fascist. A satirical, articulate, and intelligent work born almost defensively from the explosion of the ubiquitous far-right.

On Sunday, May 5, great dance figures, such as Giada Rossi and Christo Vivancos, will dance in concert to the sounds of classical music. Star dancers Nacho Duato, Luisa María Arias and Isaac Montlor will present the most famous pieces by the great Valencian choreographer Lucía Campillo and Nuria Serra, Suggestions for flamenco and contemporary dance.

Igualadina Lloll Bertran and Manel Barceló will each provide one Adapted Pygmalion To two unique actors who will play all the characters in Bernard Shaw’s works. The show is a love letter to the acting profession and a tribute to the richness of the Catalan language. Everything Pygmalion Does will conclude the stable season on Sunday, May 19.

Family shows and intimate music

he La Xarxa de Igualada Collection He scheduled magic, theatre, music, and puppet shows. The magician Texima will arrive with Lumiere (January 21). The other performances are: La Roda Produccions’ musical Hansel i Gretel (February 4); Eléctrico 28’s tale of cross-cultural coexistence, Full House (February 18); The show about the importance of appreciating one’s identity L’arc de Sant Martí i la Luna, by La mà de l’artista (March 3). Anoienques Ka Teatre concludes La Xarxa’s run with a show about giving value to the little things in every day, Sota Sola (March 17).

The cycle continues Pocket music From Ateneo Igualade. Audiences enjoy intimate concerts, on stage, while having a drink. “L’enceta Nico Roig with Esto frío no vale nada (January 26). Barnasants songwriting project collaborates for Ivette Nadal’s concert, Les hores blaves. (February 23). Singer-songwriters Vilanova del Camí, Albert Nieto and Carlos Gomez, join to their compositions on stage at Músiques (March 22). Igomà Live, combining Afrofusion with a rumba tinge, will take a sonic journey to the heart of Africa. (March 26 (April)) Filipino Yesss will delve into 70s psychedelia (May 31).

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he Ateneo Municipal Theater It will also host the charity gala for performing arts in central Catalonia in La Marato, dedicated this year to sexual and reproductive health (February 17). Musicveu Charity Festival with The Ultimate Music Fusion concert to raise money for Fundació Miquel Valls and CateLA (April 6). From April 11 to 14, some performances of the 35th Mostra Igualada Fair, the Children and Youth Fair, and finally the 25th Dance Show of the City of Igualada (April 28) will be presented.

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