Renfe awards the construction of the Digital Center in Portbo, the first in Catalonia

Renfe awards the construction of the Digital Center in Portbo, the first in Catalonia

Renfe awards the construction of the Digital Center in Portbo, the first in CataloniaAndrea Polcato

Renfei awarded to 250,000 euros Business for Establishing and launching the first digital skills center in Portbou (CCD) in Catalonia. The goal is Research, development and deployment of emerging technologies In the railway sector such as 5G or blockchain. It is expected to start with ten workers. In addition, the first contacts were made with educational centers in the region to enhance the training of young professionals in the technological sector.

The center will specialize in: Quality assurance and testing (Question and Answer) ; That means, in Prevention, verification and detection of the quality of emerging technological solutions in the railway sector. It will be the first of its kind in Catalonia.

Renfe’s Digital Competence Centers (CCD) are One of the key points of the company’s digital transformationwithin the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility’s plan to distribute resources, it allows the creation of job opportunities specialized in new technologies, and in this way, many young people find work in the areas where they live.

Employment promotion

They are a reference in promoting the employment of qualified youth, according to Renfei, paying special attention to the first job and promoting female talents.

Logirail, the company responsible for managing Renfe’s CCDs, has made contact with… Various educational and training institutions in FigueresLike theCendrasus Institute They stress that there has been good harmony, in order to bring the initiative closer to young people who are determining their professional future and to show them that it is not necessary to leave the region to work in the technology sector. The new centers link training centers with companies and small and medium enterprises.

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The location of the new center in Portbou in addition Enhancing the transfer and absorption of workloads On Renfei’s part, it follows the line of locating these CCDs in pockets with great railway history.

Since 2021, Renfe has established Six digital competency centers Which indicates that they have been able to generate good job opportunities in the cities where they have settled: Alcázar de San Juan (Ciudad Real), specialized in robotics and artificial intelligence; Teruel, focused on infrastructure maintenance; Miranda de Ebro (Burgos), dedicated to application management; Monforte de Lemos, specializing in cybersecurity solutions; and dedicated customer service centers in Linares and Mérida. They generate about 400 jobs. The project in Portbou will start with a team of about ten people.

Digital Skills Center in Merida.

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