“I just received the eviction”: the desperate plea of ​​Elisabetta Canales

“I just received the eviction”: the desperate plea of ​​Elisabetta Canales

Elisabetta Canales becomes the heroine of a story that is nothing short of heartbreaking and cannot and should not leave us indifferent. A video on Instagram literally broke and at the same time I was heartened by all his fans, more and more numerous and spread all over the world.

A very heartbreaking video that Elisabetta Canales posted to her followers Official Instagram Profile To send a very important message. Talk about a very sensitive topic, any topic not made. But who or what will suffer?

Elisabetta Canalis-Solo Spettacolo.it

the beautiful Elisabetta Canales They sent a very painful message via social video. Oh yes. previous tissue sectionNot only is she a wonderful woman with an out-of-the-ordinary body, but she’s also someone with a strong temper and a big heart, indeed, formidable. And that’s what he wanted to announce a very, very big case painful Which is very worrying and for him asks for help. And in doing so, she flaunted a simple ponytail, no makeup, a T-shirt, sweatpants and sneakers. Simply Fabulous in its simplicity.

The parcel that breaks the heart

Milan kennel received eviction, they are at the hull level and the showgirl was very sorry for the fact that it is a particularly avant-garde activity…Moreover, one now wonders where the hosted dogs will go and what will happen to them. For them it is expected – so – Very hard time, but you probably know how to help them. Meanwhile, start Instagram His heartfelt charm “in sweet company”…

asks for help

“Hey friends, I’ve been here ever since pet reliefThis is the kennel in San Giuliano, near Milan, because he just received a parcel.” These are the first words of the woman who then follows on to say “It is a kennel that helps animals regain their strength.” Feet like a friend push protection show up with her in video who in no time became Widely Like – after all – everything you post. As proof of how much she is today, despite having lived for many years in America, It’s still very populareven in her home country that she always holds in her heart and in her place real star Not only in the vast world of entertainment but nowadays also in the sports field.

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Elisabetta Canales and her video message Solospettacolo.it
Elisabetta Canalis and Pizzo Solospettacolo.it

He went on to say that the usher arrived in the morning with the Carabinieri in order to drive out the kennel with the result of the well. 40 dogs that could find itself in the middle of the road. This makes her suffer a lot. What will happen to them? In what conditions will they then be able to live? At this point he asks who is listening and has the possibility Build one or more To advance as soon as possible to give a beautiful present and a peaceful future to the adorable fur friends who have now more than ever desperate need for love And that those around them feel the warmth of a family or in any case from someone who loves them very much.

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