An evening of poetry and music about the bombing of Guernica and Picasso

An evening of poetry and music about the bombing of Guernica and Picasso

The screening of “Guernica” will take place next Wednesday, March 20, at 7:00 pm at the Javier Amorós Central Library in Rombesia. It is a recitation of poetry and music about the bombing and interpretation of the picture painted by Picasso in 1937 on behalf of the Second Republic, to highlight the horrors of war and the genocidal bombing of Guernica.

Guernica is poetry written in plastic rhymes, with lines of pain. In this concert, the musicians review the three moments of the bombing and take a poetic and musical journey through the different characters that appear in Picasso’s painting.

With Guernica, Rombesia breaks its boundaries and ventures to explore and interpret a work of art with global resonance.

La Rumbesia is an interdisciplinary project that since 2018 has amazed theaters and libraries in the Catalan region. Interpretation of famous poems by Catalan authors with an international presentation, with rumba music. This fusion succeeded in bringing poetry to the viewer in a lively and popular way. In Rombesia's first work, “En Colors,” a series of poems were chosen that evoked a wide range of emotions. Later, with “Del Negre Al Blanc” she travels from the darkest feelings, such as sadness and anger, to ending with the most joyful ones, such as love and joy.

In “Guernica,” the incorporation of drawing allows the message of historical memory to be conveyed more intensely through a multi-sensory experience.

The Rombesia group consists of José Panzano, Jordi Esteve, Ignacio Sabadell and Joan Sardanes.

This event is part of the “Març marçot, verses per tot 2024” program promoted by the Reus Municipal Libraries.

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