“What a character M…” – Il Tempo

“What a character M…” – Il Tempo

At the end of the performance of “The Black Squirrel”, Christian De Sica plays the “Golden Mask”: it is Anna Falchi who sang “E la Luna Boso” by Loredana Berti. On the Saturday, March 25 episode of The Masked Singer, hosted by Milly Carlucci on Rai 1, the actor was sure that the showgirl is in fact under the costume of a singing squirrel. Other competitors in the program have a different opinion: for example, for Serena Bortone it will be Alicia Marcusi, for Eva Zanicki it will be Elisabetta Gregoracci. But only De Sica goes to “unmask”: it is a pity that Anna Falchi is not under the mask of the black squirrel. “Na bella figura de m… I did,” the visibly disappointed actor commented later, rehashing an old catchphrase.

And so Cristian De Sica, Eva Zanichi, Serena Bortoni, Flavio Incina and Francesco Vacente try to unmask the undercover singers whose voice is fake. But pauses, phrases, and inflections provide clues to the “investigators” and the audience involved in the game. Who is under the shark, the hedgehog, the knight of the gun, the donkey, the pigeon, the pigeon, the starfish, the swan, the rose, the hamster, the black squirrel and the hippopotamus?

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