The master continues to cuddle the cat: the (very tender) reflex of a bulldog

The master continues to cuddle the cat: the (very tender) reflex of a bulldog

The very cute expression of a bulldog pictured while his master pays attention to the cat: isn’t it a marvel?

How often have we wondered if our canine friends feel emotions like anger, anxiety, nostalgia, and pride? They certainly love their owners unconditionally, as proven by science and clearly evident in their behaviors. So the question may arise: Can these cute butterflies get jealous?

The owner does not stop petting the cat: the (very tender) reaction of the bulldog (

The answer is yes and the potential “competitor” does not have to be a real dog: even if it is a beloved toy or other human being, they can feel left out. Research proves it Johns Hopkins Universityaccording to which I Dogs have jealous reactions Even if the master caresses a doll with the appearance of a dog.

This would also explain the bulldog hero’s reaction in the video posted to the Instagram page @employeeIncredibly lost, seeing the caresses that the owner gives to the cat.

The jealous look of this bulldog is the most beautiful thing you will see today: his big eyes invade the entire web

Even our four-legged friends have been the protagonists of social networks for years: there are more and more pages dedicated to dogs, cats and other animals, from pets to the most exotic ones.

Proof of this are the profiles that many show business stars open focusing exclusively on them: who Paris Hilton loves her dogs To Donatella Versace running through Chiara Ferragni, it’s all a bevy of cute animals that have almost become poignant.

Jealous cat-dog master reaction
The owner continues to hug the cat: the reaction of the jealous bulldog is very sweet – Credits: Instagram @animalifannorobe (

Then there are accounts that post pictures and videos of common animals immortalizing their cute and more extravagant behaviors, just like This bulldog who can’t hide his jealousy from his owner who won’t stop petting the cat.

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As evidenced by the animal’s bewildered eyes, his resentment at the neglect is evident: he does nothing but look at his “rival” and then move his gaze toward the man, as if to wish to speak to him, indicating a grave insult she is undergoing, preferring to pet the cat rather than at him.

Pictures that would soften even hardened hearts and that inevitably attracted a lot of hearts and comments from users, some even upset by the scene and others a little less critical.

In any case, one cannot help but acknowledge how deep the bond between dogs and their masters always leaves them speechless.

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