Movies and programs today, Monday, July 10

Movies and programs today, Monday, July 10

What movies and TV shows are tonight, Monday, July 10th? Let’s go through together the digital terrestrial programming on the major Rai and Mediaset networks. From TV series The Young Montalbano to reality show Temptation Island. Then watch many other movies.

Back to a new date with our guide Tonight on TV. What does Monday’s schedule hold for us? Let’s find out together. Let’s start with Rai 1 which presents a new episode of Young Montalbano Introduction to the hit series, always signed by author Andrea Camilleri. Tonight’s episode is themed for New Year’s Eve, and Montalbano will face crime at his hotel. Instead on Canale 5, the third date with Filippo Bisciglia and Temptation Island. There are still 6 couples left in the village and the episode will start with the fire of a standoff in which David asks his girlfriend, Alicia. Will he appear and go out together, or break up? Finally at La7 we find a racy movie starring Ben Affleck and Morgan Freeman at the height of tension.

Tonight on TV: Movies from Earth’s digital schedule

What if you wanted a movie instead? Don’t worry, here are a couple we highly recommend. The first out of 20 is King Kong character, a successful remake of the 1933 version of the same name, which won three Academy Awards for Best Sound, Best Sound Editing, and Best Special Effects. Director Peter Jackson for directing this film received the highest salary paid to the director until 2005, the figure is about twenty million dollars. The second is on Iris, a historical film based on a true story. Challenge – Days of Courage. The film was shot entirely in Lithuania, across the border with Belarus, just under 200 kilometers from the real historical sites. Some of the local extras come from families saved by the Bielski brothers.

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King Kong at 21.14 on the 20th

We are in 1933 and the director is eccentric Carl Denham Jack Black is shooting a feature film in the Pacific Ocean aboard the cargo ship SS Venture. With him are the two main actors Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) and the famous actor Bruce Baxter (Kyle Chandler) and the crew of the ship and Commander Englehorn (Thomas Kretschmann). Carl’s real goal is to shoot a movie on Skull Island, a legendary island that cannot be found on maps, but is also very dangerous. After several days of navigation, they will reach the front of the island where the wild natives will welcome them and kill the sound engineer and the sailor. Moreover, the beautiful Anne is captured to be shown to the master of the island, the giant King Kong. Will they be able to save her from death?

Challenge – Days of Courage at 21.14 in Iris

In August 1941, in the midst of World War II, Belarus was occupied by Nazi forces including Einsatzgruppen units tasked with hunting down and killing Jews. The survivors of this hunt are the four Polish Bielski brothers, the last remaining members of their family: Thuvia (Daniel Craig) Zeus (Liv Schreiber), Aseel (Jamie Bell) H Aaron (George MacKay). Having fled to the Naliboki forest, they meet other fleeing Jews, and decide to set up a camp that can protect them. A year later, the number of refugees has reached a large number and the only way to survive is to raid neighboring farms to steal supplies. But the raids coupled with the deaths of many Germans and their collaborators draw attention to the field, endangering the refugees.

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Other movies broadcast on digital terrestrial tonight

  • The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 21.24 on Italia 1 (Director by Justin Lin, with Lucas Black, Natalie Kelly, Song Kang, 2006)
  • I’m Valdez 9.10pm in Rai (Directed by Edwin Sherrin, with Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Frank Silvera, 1971)
  • wedding march 9.20pm on Rai Premium (Directed by Neil Fearnley, with Jack Wagner, Josie Bisset, Emily Tennant, 2016)
  • Summer – the beautiful season 9.25pm ​​on Cielo (Directed by Catherine Corsini, with Isa Hueglin, Cécile de France, Noemi Lfovsky, 2015)
  • Rosamund Belcher: The Promise 9.10pm on La 5 (Directed by Marco Serafini, with Eva Maria Green von Friedel, Christian Natter, Marie-Therese Relin, 2018)
  • fish in love 9.05pm on Cine34 (Director by Leonardo Berraccione, with Leonardo Berraccione, Yamila Diaz and Paulo Hendel, 1999)
  • hundred hearts 21.00 on TV2000 (Director by Paolo D’Amuso, with Silvia Badri, Beatrice Fazzi, Massimo Bonetti, 2022)
  • prof barrel 21.09 at Twenty Seven (Director Ritchie Kane, with Charlie Day, Ice Cube, Tracy Morgan, Jillian Bell, 2017)

tv shows tonight

But if you’re not interested in movies in programming, here are two more suggestions. For those who missed it, come back to answer Nove, episode two of Just Fun – Comedy Show, a laughable presentation by Eletra Lamborghini and PanPers. Metntre continues on Tv8 with the second season of the series Cops 2 – a gang of cops. In today’s episode titled, The chin of a saintPolicemen, Don Filippo, and Judge Katia will investigate the theft of a valuable artifact and the murder of a fallen noble.

  • Just Fun – Comedy Show 21:35 on the ninth
  • Cops 2 – a gang of cops 21:30 on Tv8
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For all the other movies, series and shows, please check out our complete guide to Tonight on TV.

The editorial team is not responsible for any schedule changes not communicated by the television networks.

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