What is the best bottled water? Altroconsumo’s investigation reveals a name no one could have imagined

What is the best bottled water?  Altroconsumo’s investigation reveals a name no one could have imagined
Which water do you choose? Altroconsumo has published a new survey – Solofinanza.it

The best bottled water brands, according to new research by Altroconsumo. The investigation by the association took into account several factors including value for money.

Water is one of the basic commodities of life and its quality is of fundamental importance to human health. However, brand and bottle selection can make all the difference.

Best Bottled Water, Altroconsumo survey results

The independent Italian Consumer Defense Association conducted a survey on the best bottled water brands, based on quality and value for money. 70 different brands of water bottles were examined and their students were evaluated for their qualities, such as chemical composition, amount of unwanted matter and particle plastic content.

The search results showed that the best brands in terms of quality and price are San Benedetto, Ferrarelle and Levissima. These brands have been evaluated for their ability to maintain their natural purity and transparency in their product labeling.

to first place From the Altroconsumo arrangement we find pelvis, mineral water that comes from the natural thermal springs located in Darfo Boario Terme (BS). It is a type of water that has detoxifying properties that are able to purify the body. The price is also excellent compared to the quality, the average cost of a 1.5 liter bottle of Boario water is €0.36.

On the other hand, in second place is Surjasana. It is a brand that belongs to lethi And the water in the bottles is taken from the spring located in Pratella, Caserta. Its main quality is that it contains little sodium, so it is preferred by those who follow a low-sodium diet. Its price is on average 0.28 euros.

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He ranks third I’m recoveringIn the bottle there is sparkling water that rises inside a reserve located near dolomite;. Its main feature is the purity of the water, which reminds of the pure places it came from. The average cost of a 1.5 liter bottle is 0.38 €.

The research also found that, in many cases, it was water bottles Sold by the supermarket does not represent great value for money. Many consumers pay too much for less quality than what the best brands offer.


Bottom line, choosing the right water bottle can make a huge difference to your health and the environment. Moreover, the recycle Plastic or glass containers It is crucial to reduce your impact on the environment, so always make sure you dispose of them properly.

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