Heroes of Art and Science in Celebrations of Archimedes

Heroes of Art and Science in Celebrations of Archimedes

Syracuse has everything ready in town for Archimedes concerts 2023, scheduled On 29/30 June and 2 July. The event, now in its tenth edition, was presented in the press room of the Municipality of Syracuse in the presence of the Mayor, Francesco Italia, and the Cultural Counselor, Fabio Granata. The event, sponsored by the municipality, invests in creativity and talent. In the name of the genius of ArchimedesTo face the widespread anxiety among the new generations. The theme for the Archimedes 2023 celebrations is “The World is My Home”. The socio-educational, cultural, and “therapeutic” purpose is remembered by Carlo Gelestro, pediatrician and founder of Archimedee Festivals Review. The Artistic Coordinator, Music Department, Claudio Udicelli, clarified the program of the event.

He said “There will be many guests this year. It was made.” A long and careful search for talent Representing young people who have been able to fully express their talents. There will be Lena Gervasi who with his very own instrument, the theremin, will play some soundtracks, Joe M and Carbone who represent the youthful songwriting of our land, Luke Madonia With his trio, he will present some pieces from his long artistic career in Piazza Minerva, from Denuvo to the collaboration with Maestro Franco Battiato. Carmen Ferrierwith whom we recently started an artistic collaboration, and who will perform some of her songs and covers that particularly marked her during the Maria De Filippi TV contest “Amici”, where she took second place in the final.

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Moreover – added Yudicelli – we will have the honor of hosting Virginia BocelliCecille, who will receive the Feste Archimedee Prize 2023 – We thank the Bocelli Foundation, which facilitated their participation – Ernesto Marcianti who was asked to return to the stage to represent the talents that have been honored over the years and finally Mr. Antonio CaninoOld friend of the holidays. Particular attention was paid to the selection of a short film that describes the beauty of nature and our planet, along with the melodies of two real musical talents, who will open the two evenings in Piazza Minerva.

Young musical talents who will perform in different locations of the historic center of Syracuse They will be followed by Mirella Fornari, teacher of the Gargallo Musical High School and famous lyric soprano, and Vincenzo Macario, director of the event, who, representing 12 Syracuse schools, with their choreography, will revive the Gran Gala della Danza on Sunday 2 July. Finally, this year, in addition to the Feste Archimedee Prize, the “Feste Archimedee – Europe Section” will also be awarded to a group of young artists from Mandragora di Tenerife.

“The parties of Archimedes – as the mayor of Italy said – are a projection towards the future because their mission is Fostering the talents of our children from an early age. In this there is an undeniable affinity with the choices made by the municipal administration in recent years, which has made caring for young people a qualifying point of its activity. Confidence in youth is the most important investment a society can make in the future. At Syracuse it is done in the name of Archimedes, the most talented of his sons, who is able to invent science like few others in human history. This is of no secondary importance.

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