Pupa and the Nerdy, Soleil Barbara D’Urso rises in dark yellow

Pupa and the Nerdy, Soleil Barbara D’Urso rises in dark yellow

There was great anticipation for the launch of the new version of Bubba and Nerdy ShowWith Barbara Dorso To do a reality show for the first time in many years (Good times in Big brother nip). The show that sees the eternal clash (and let’s face it, get over) the clash between “Beauty Without Minds” and “Mindless Beauty” aired on Italy 1, but honestly, it was the whole beginning Slightly less than expectations.

dorso You’re looking crazy (Indeed, ‘SHOCK’ in the words of the presenter), the table-top with seamstresses and workers was designed to pay homage to eternal fashion icon Coco Chanel, with a bit of Neapolitan sarcasm. But between the white suit and the string of pearls, His appearance was (unexpectedly) Sully Sorge Fun and interesting clothes. Like her.

Barbara Dorso, the Chanel suit isn’t eye-catching

Barbara Dorso And the Foundation when it comes to looks And he proves it with every appearance on the small screen. This time, however, for Bubba and Nerdy Show He changed the recording, as announced in recent posts on Instagram and in Direct link with Alfonso Signoriniduring the final GF Vip 6.

The front of the Neapolitan hung the brightly colored and stretched dresses that she usually wore Sunday Liveme too Complete “Business Style” Who is arrogant from Monday to Friday a Five in the afternoonto make room for Looks inspired by designer Coco Chanel. “A sarcastic tribute to the famous lady of fashion,” he wrote on Instagram, the suit didn’t convince.

Follow the form classic suit White Chanel with black inserts, with a stretchy midi skirt and a short jacket with a row of large buttons in the center. To decorate the whole, D’Urso added a special touch with Black and white wide-brimmed hat and shiny jewelry. A flower brooch, a shower of gold chains and pearls, a few matching bracelets, and a simple crop like hairstyle, paired with a black bow.

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In general, the suit was very elegant but perhaps not enough to highlight the forms and beauty of the presenter, in a scenography as colorful and bright as those in Bubba and Nerdy. We were expecting something more ‘shock’..

Barbara D’Urso, La Pupa and Nerdy’s Instagram appearance

Solly Sorge, from GF Vip The real reveal of La Pupa and Nerdy

Before starting to enter the Ansar Bubba and NerdyAnd the Barbara Dorso Introduce his traveling companionsThe “Frightening” Jury Written by Antonella Elia (Calling from home, due to covid), extravagance and always trump Federico Fashion Style’s best (which we saw in Dancing with the Stars) and finally, Beautiful Sulley Sorgefresh from the base experience GF Vip 6 With much discussion of the “love triangle” with Alex Bailey and Delia Doran.

Her entrance into the studio was nothing short of a crackling and yes, she overshadowed Barbara Dorso herself for a moment. with him Lime yellow vinyl stretch mini dressIt has a short skirt under the bust decorated with two golden buttons, and knee-high boots with a floral motif. The former tenant of the most spied on house in Italy has hit the target. Even dealing with Federico Fashion Style in a light blue dress (and feathers), it’s a rather difficult task.

with him Cheeky look and joke always readySulli seemed quite relaxed, even though this was her first experience on a show like Bubba and Nerdy. And if there is a file The credit we have to give to Barbara Dorso It is precisely the choice of this young influencer on her show crew.

Sulli rises on Instagram

Soleil rises on Instagram, look at La Pupa and Nerdy

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