The magic that was destroyed by the employee

The magic that was destroyed by the employee

It must be one Marriage request Dream. He knelt before his beloved to swear eternal love to her in the splendid setting of Sleeping Beauty’s castle. Disneyland Paris. But something went wrong and it was the magical moment destructive forever. EuroDisney employees boycott the proposal and invite lovers to escape.

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The evil employee’s video immediately went viral on social media. Even before the girl could answer yes, the employee jumped between the two to grab the box by the ring, destroying it forever. The magic of the moment. As shown in the video, the employee walked off the stage and invited the couple to do the same.

The video, initially posted on Reddit, quickly went viral, garnering thousands of views and comments and prompting EuroDisney to apologize: “We’re sorry for how we handled the situation. We apologized to the couple involved and offered to compensate.”

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