Matteo Romagnoli, the “sixth” man in the welfare state, is dead

Matteo Romagnoli, the “sixth” man in the welfare state, is dead

The producer and director passed away at the age of 43 Matthew Romagnolithe “sixth” component of welfare statewhich group life on vacation He made himself known to the general public by taking second place at the 2018 Sanremo Festival.

In 2008, Romagnoli founded Garrincha tabletsone of the most important independent labels in their catalog, and also Lo Stato Sociale Ex OtagoAnd very smoothAnd list representative.

A musician and singer, he was the artistic producer of Lo Stato Sociale’s first recordings before pursuing their career as manager and signing (also life on vacation) as an author with them.

Greetings from the welfare state

“If this life were hell, we’d put it on paper but not go shopping, it’d just be a game waiting for a million clouds to pass and the heart to resume its course. Goodbye Matteo, bye Johnny, bye Mario, bye J, hi Quincy, hi Romagolo, hi Gennaro and hi a million ways Another we called in these years of living with you that you saved our lives, you scolded us, you loved us more than anyone else. without you we are only 5 assholes *, he kissed us 6 and it was much better, “the post reads.

“Before we were a million and that was beautiful, because you let everyone in and only within your creation so many caprices could live together, only within Garrincha could your love of imperfections and perfections be found. Now we are broken, but out of these pieces we will try to build something that cannot be released, so that Wherever you are, you can make music,” concluded the band’s post.

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Not Garrincha

In 2008, Romagnoli founded Garrincha Dischi who recalled its founder with a message: “Matteo loved songs, writing songs. Going to concerts, doing concerts. Collecting records, making records.” One of which if he hadn’t spent all that money on music he would have bought a house of his own, even if it was a very big one.” A visionary able to trace a path where there was no road yet. Mateo gave life to a scene, discovering and producing with his creation, Garrincha Disque, some of whom Among the seminal bands of the Italian indie scene”.

Mateo “knew how to imagine and create a new musical world – continues the label’s message – for free” because, even if others did not like us, we were convinced that our music could reach many people. He knew how to see beauty in imperfections and hand-packed and lovingly packaged songs from the show (“Who’s Always Better!”) to cover. Matteo always loved bringing people together, so Garrincha stays a party.”

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