Dance, Milli Carlucci and the Montesano case: “We are a family, we did not want to offend”

Dance, Milli Carlucci and the Montesano case: “We are a family, we did not want to offend”

And in the middle of the episode Dancing with the stars It’s time to address the Enrico Montesano case. Millie Carlucci She took some time live on stage to address the burning issue that had been hanging all week: “We’ve never talked about the program these days, we’ll talk about it now,” said the presenter. “I called Alessandra on the track with me above all because he is half of this couple not only Enrico Enrico, you haven’t seen him because Ray has decided to suspend him for behavior he considers unacceptable under company rules and the inspiring principles of the public service mandate in Rai, whatever decision Rai takes, we agree, having said that there is a human aspect and I, as technical director, regret not Seeing Enrico and Alessandra on the track and I’m sorry not to see Enrico perform. What happened offended the spectators, he apologizes to everyone and I believe in his good faith because these days I heard him and he told me honestly. We are a family. Leah and we don’t want to offend anyone.”

previously Linked to Tg1, ahead of Episode VII, the presenter said: “It’s been a rather turbulent week, there’s been a lot of talk about us and not just our amazing dancers, but the state of Henry Montesano Which we will talk about during the broadcast” he said before passing the word to Billy who presented today’s competition: polka dance for men and belly dance for women.

On Dancing with the Stars, we’re back live after the Montesano case. Rich and poor guests

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by Andrea Pastoli

Broadcasting at the start with the jury show: Caroline Smith, Guillermo Mariotto, Fabio Canino (Called from home as he is positive for Covid), Ivan Zazaroni And the Wild Lucarelli. Carlucci shakes the juror’s hand LucarelI am the one who mourns so much today, in fact her mother died Nadia’s agent79, has Alzheimer’s disease and has worsened COVID. “We’ve been on the right track even in the difficult moments of our lives – which is why I want to shake Selvaggia’s hand,” said Carlucci.

Carlucci had announced that next week, Saturday, November 26, the eighth episode of Dancing with the stars It will start at the unusual 10pm, after the World Cup game.

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