Big Brother, Greta Rossetti loses her temper: Mirko made a big deal

Big Brother, Greta Rossetti loses her temper: Mirko made a big deal

In the last few hours, Big Brother contestant Mirko Brunetti made a gesture that Greta Rossetti did not like.

In the last hours, at Big Brother’s house, Something happened that made many people on the web and on social media turn up their noses. Many were left speechless when faced with this To Mirko Brunetti’s gesture towards Angelica Baraldi.

Tenants indeed They indulged in some moments Which caused a lot of discussion among people on the Internet. At first the two indulged in dancing and until now, nothing would go wrong. As already happened in the last weeks before the confrontation between Greta Rossetti and Angelica Baraldi. But then Mirko will make himself available For a relaxing massage for your roommate.

Also in the last few hours, the former Temptation Island babe and Mirko’s current girlfriend spoke out on social media Regarding the gesture the boy made After many comments received from fans. But the girl limited herself to smiling, confirming that she had seen the massage, but without going into details about the matter.

Big Brother, will Mirko’s gesture have any consequences?

It’s a gesture that will certainly be talked about during this evening’s episode of Big Brother. but what In stark contrast to what former seductress Greta has announced in the past few hours: “I am making a written statement so that you do not insinuate things that never came out of my mouth or that I never said. But only fake news to create something that doesn’t exist. I repeat for the last time that I am proud of Mirko for what he said that night about the confrontation with his ex-girlfriend. He did a very good job and it is right to maintain a good relationship with the person with whom you have shared a lot, or rather a lot. As you know, I am the first to have a very good relationship with his exes. So I’m glad the burden has been lifted because this thing was tormenting him because he’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. He hates arguing, in fact he can confirm that it was me who first asked him to make up, and they talk to each other calmly, there is no point in staying like this.“.

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still: “I never said Mirko couldn’t talk and see Perla. In fact she told him to call her and explain this to her and Mirko can confirm it as well. The fact that I got angry not because of the message or because they saw each other but because he deleted it and overlooked it, my anger and distrust is for the lie of the moment that there was no kind of thing for me. The problem is the fact that he did it. But these are things we’ve already said and said again and I think he’s overcome that too from the moment he showed me this month that he wanted to be with me. Today I tell you that we need to live and get to know each other, I love it very much and I will continue to do it with or without your support.“.

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