Bagnoli, in dispute with Fintecna and the City of Science, solutions on the horizon

Bagnoli, in dispute with Fintecna and the City of Science, solutions on the horizon

Four important steps for Bagnoli redevelopment. This is what emerged from the control room held yesterday in Citta della Senza, in which, among others, the Minister of Southern Italy and Social Cohesion, Mara Carvagna, the Commissioner and Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi, participated. In addition to the Campania region and Invitalia.

Deal with Fintecna

Perhaps the most important change concerns the premise of the settlement that will be presented tomorrow, Wednesday 8 June, to the judge of the bankruptcy section of the Court of Naples dealing with the Bagnolifutura case. It is therefore hoped that the controversies that have hampered the relaunch of the former Italsider Castle for years will be resolved. First of all, the dispute with Fintecna, the owner of some land to be reclaimed.

A new localization for the city of science

Another very thorny issue the municipality of Naples has faced each other for years – supporting the need to rebuild the museum destroyed by a 2013 fire in an area within the coastline – and the Idis Foundation that wanted the museum on the old ashes directly by the sea. Today, a development, it is the Idis Foundation that proposes a third method: construction not on the coast, but in the area now used as a car park which, moreover, would not require any reclamation and, therefore, would allow construction in a shorter time. The hypothesis on which the entire control room (minister, mayor, municipality of Naples, Campania region, police station and Invitalia) was prepared to check compliance with the plans of Bagnoli (Praru). The final decision should come in a short time. The work must be commissioned by the end of the year, otherwise funding from the Development and Cohesion Fund will be cancelled.

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Get rid of asbestos and first holes

The processing of asbestos in the former Eternate area will be completed by the end of July. These are the largest and most important (the few) areas that have been fully reclaimed. The area in which public and private housing is planned to be built. Also in July, a plot of Bagnoli opens to the city: the north pier, a pine forest, and some parking areas entrusted to Anm.

Repairs and new projects

The police station also authorized Invitalia to undertake the reclamation of the sports park and the land closest to the regular road system. And it agreed to renew the energy services project: the goal is to create a completely eco-friendly system, making Bagnoli independent. Finally, Invitalia has also launched a series of onshore and offshore tests in preparation for the design.

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