Ryanair, Volotea, easyJet and Ita, here are the flights at risk – Corriere.it

Ryanair, Volotea, easyJet and Ita, here are the flights at risk – Corriere.it

Tomorrow is an uncomfortable day in the sky of Italy (The first long summer he could give to others) to a series of strikes by airline employees, especially low-cost ones, and by flight controllers in part of the country. There is still no official balance for the connections that will be canceled, but in the time period chosen for the excitement, it is expected that about 2,100 aircraft will leave our country, in addition to the same number coming from abroad, according to the calculations of the courier Regarding airline data company numbers.

Share 357 thousand passengers

Passengers involved

There could be 357 thousand, even if the airlines involved explain, there is an attempt to reschedule the day to reduce inconvenience. The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) and the Strike Guarantee Committee make it clear that it was planned 8 to 20 strike by ENAV personnel in the Milan area control centerfrom employees of Alitalia, easyJet (13 to 17) and low-cost Ryanair, a subsidiary of Malta Air (with Krulink) and Volutia (10.01 to 14).

Protests against Ryanair

Especially Ryanair to end up in the crosshairs of the unions. Filt Cgil and Uiltrasporti spoke in a note about the impossibility of opening a discussion about the issues that have plagued the crew for months. Among the open issues, according to the acronyms, are non-compliance with the minimum wage stipulated in the National Contract, the continuation of an agreement on wage cuts that is no longer in force, the arbitrary reduction of salary, the non-payment of sick leave, the company’s refusal to grant compulsory leave during the summer season and the lack of water and meals for the crew. Low cost accusations He refuses. Unions threaten further protests in the absence of concrete signals from Ryanair.

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A day of hassle

As on other occasions, the airline, according to the insider, will try to reduce cancellations through the use of personnel brought in from other bases abroad. From Volutia we announced there could be dozens of canceled flights, while EasyJet still made the list. We are aware of some union actions that could affect air traffic in Italy, a Corriere spokesperson explains. Like all companies operating to and from Italy, we can expect inconveniences tomorrow. We recommend passengers check the status of their flight in the flight tracker section of our website or in the app. The British company adds that it is doing everything in its power to reduce the impact of the strikes. In any case, ENAC reminds us that 10 national flights (for Sardinia and Sicily) and 18 international flights will be guaranteed during the stir period, especially outside Europe.


In a note, Ita Airways announced that in the face of some 7,000 passengers affected by tomorrow’s strike – called only and exclusively by ENAV flight controllers at the area control center in Milan – it has re-protected nearly 99% of passengers in advance, keeping customers safe. High contentment and eliminate inconvenience. The airline stated that no critical problems are expected tomorrow due to the incompetence of ETA airline and its staff. The airline has commissioned its Airbus A330 aircraft, significantly increasing the capacity on offer. The 7,000 participating customers are broken down as follows: 46% on the same day of the strike (flights in a protected area); 25% the next day (9 June); 26% the day before (today): 2% on June 10th.

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