The Italian market was stumbled by the arrival of the super SUV that cost less than the Panda

The Italian market was stumbled by the arrival of the super SUV that cost less than the Panda

Have you ever thought about being able to buy an SUV for just over 15,000 euros? A well-known Italian-Chinese brand has decided to leave everyone amazed by sending to the market a prototype that is very advantageous both in terms of economy and product quality.

SUVs have always been out of the reach of the average public, as they are really, really expensive. A few years ago, in fact, to buy one, inflated figures of more than 50 thousand euros were required. Today, however, everything seems to have changed.

An SUV that costs less than a Panda (

Suv, short for Sport Utility Vehicle, refers to a class of machines with a higher trim than normal machines. These are not real jeeps but they are inspired by those who are going to drive around some interesting actions that still allow the vehicle to be used normally off road.

If it can be said, the SUV is actually the evolution of the jeep, which is a modern jeep that is easy to drive and can also move easily around the city. There are some very expensive brands out there and many important brands have moved on in search of an asset that was interesting enough to a very large segment of the audience. But let’s see what is one of the models ready to conquer the market.

An SUV that costs less than a Panda

The car market has gone absolutely crazy, getting close to a used market since the covid pandemic has become so complicated. There are no more offers and maybe at this moment you can save more with the new one, with the inconvenience that buying a car takes months and a great will to know how to wait for the moment of delivery. That is why it becomes interesting to analyze when there are interesting products that can give an affordable car.

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A compact SUV that costs as much as a small car (

The company is dr auto, that Even if in cooperation with China. 2022 was a year of explosion with sales passing from 8,362 the previous year to 24,481 units of cars. the SUV We are talking about today is Doctor Evo 3 It is very simple but it can lead us to find ourselves in the face of many amazing surprises capable of satisfying some curiosity.

Dr. Evo 3 all specifications

The Dr Evo 3 SUV measures 4.13 meters long and 1.57 meters wide. It is therefore a fairly compact car in relation to its class to which it belongs, but still has plenty of space to give to those who want to make important trips with payloads that are certainly interesting. In fact, we are talking about a trunk of about 450 liters with carbon-look eco-leather interiors and inserts in the seats. The materials used are of the highest quality and the technology is highly sophisticated.

An SUV that costs less than a Panda (

Inside we find 9 inch HD touch screen It is compatible with both Android Auto and Apple Car Play. As for the engine, the 1499 is a four-cylinder. 113 HP with 140 Nm of torque at 4,600 rpm. The maximum speed is 170 kilometers per hour. For consumption we are talking about 6.7 liters per 100 km for the petrol version. There’s also the gas, which gets us 8.4 liters per 100 kilometres.

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