Repulse County Council is investing around €750,000 to improve rural roads

Repulse County Council is investing around €750,000 to improve rural roads

President of the Ripolis Regional Council, Amadeo Rosellwill be announced via Read morewhich has been prepared for us with an investment of approx 750,000 euros To improve rural roads including forest paths for road traffic and walking trails, to facilitate access to points of interest, communication between municipalities and bet on sustainable tourism. This came accompanied by the Fourth Vice President and Regional Advisor for Municipal Cooperation, Enrique Perezwho emphasized the benefit of being able to offer a “good, well-maintained, well-marked network.”

As for Paved roadsthe expected investment is from 496.000 euros, which corresponds to the support of the General Government of Catalonia. The Vice President explained that the selection of the roads in which to invest was done “in a highly coordinated manner with the municipalities.” Initially, all councils were guaranteed a minimum investment of €16,000. They are provided with a more or less budget depending on a series of criteria such as whether roads connect municipalities or population centres, or whether they provide access to livestock farms or points of cultural interest, among others. next to, Not all measures will be based on paving the roads. Perez also explained that depending on the circumstances, it could also be about improvements in the arena of unpaved paths or enabling concrete curbs, among other formulas.

As for the corridors, the amount that will be used to improve them is: 240,000 euros, to be distributed in equal parts over the next four years. According to Russell, the goal is Keep roads passable and make sure signs are updated. He stressed that “having all these roads in good condition and good information helps us in a region where tourism is very important.”

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This measure will be funded by a grant from District Department With money collected from the tourism tax. All this will allow improvements to a network of approximately 860 km.

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