Vegetable garden, uproot this beautiful summer plant: it is poisonous

Vegetable garden, uproot this beautiful summer plant: it is poisonous

With the summer the desire to grow a vegetable garden increases. However, not all plants are good for eating. Let’s see which one should be completely eliminated.

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There are plants that we often grow in the garden, yes, they are nice to look at but they can be poisonous.

Garden what a passion

With the advent of the epidemic, the desire to meet the family’s needs for vegetables and fruits has grown back yard. To be able to do this, you don’t need anyone who knows how much space is. In fact, a vegetable garden can grow perpendicular to the balcony, for example.

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Of course, if you have more space, you can add more vegetables. This season’s favorites are salads because they grow very quickly, which gives a lot of satisfaction. In fact, even though it is grown in a home garden, it can be consumed immediately. In the summer, you know: salads are always fun.

However, unfortunately, not all the vegetables that we decided to grow in our garden are consumable. In fact, some authorities are considered poisonous. When you start growing a vegetable garden, you are often not an expert and you may come across plants that are not good for human health and so toxic.

They are present in large quantities both in Italy and abroad. For this reason, before you try your hand at direct cultivation, it would be a good idea to get to know them and eliminate them if they appear.

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In fact, to communicate with her It can be both adults and children Which can have serious problems because it brings everything to the mouth. Let’s see which lettuce is dangerous and should be uprooted immediately.

poison lettuce

Just lettuce, even if it is very beautiful when you look at it, it is there Lactoga virus. It is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Asteraceae. Although it is close to lactuca sativa, it is its wild version.

It has a rough appearance and can reach 1.5 meters in height. This type of lettuce grows wild and spontaneously, rather than cultivated, mostly on uncultivated land. It can also be found along the road and stands out from the old walls. It can grow on the plains and at altitudes of up to 800 meters.

Lactoga virus
lactuga virus –

It is poisonous due to the bitter white latex found in the aerial parts of the plant. It is a latex composed of sesquiterpene lactones or lactosine and lactocopicrin. It’s all about the elements Highly toxic to humans. In the past, this wild lettuce latex was used dry and given as a sedative. It was a real alternative to opium and promoted sleep and pain relief.

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