Gianni Spirti confesses when Maria De Filippi saved his life

Gianni Spirti confesses when Maria De Filippi saved his life

Gianni SpertiFor several years now, he has held the role of commentator on the TV show Maria DevilipiAnd men and women.

Along with the woman, the queen of television, in fact, the man built his career and thanks to her today he can say and acknowledge a rich career, after a dark period overshadowed by the crisis.

saved his life, This is the greatest thanks that man gives to Mary.

Gianni Spirti and his turbulent career

Before she became who she is today, or a columnist for Men and Women with Tina Cipolari, Gianni Spirti has had a wealthy careerwhich was marked by several successes, which allowed him to be known on television as a dancer.

That’s why he participated in TV shows like Happy Sunday And Do you know another one? Well known in the 90’s.

In the latter, Gianni Spirti met the woman who had been his partner for several years and with whom he became involved Romantic relationshipAnd Paula Barali. A beautiful woman who, in addition to being his colleague, also became his wife in 1999.

Gianni Spirti and Maria De Filippi for men and women

Unfortunately, as often happens, not all good things last and after a few years, namely in 2002, the wonderful love came to an end. The reasons are not known, but from what various rumors say, it was the woman who decided to break off the marriage because of two completely different lives.

It was a dark period for Gianni Spirtifrom fell into a deep crisis, The reason for which for some time disappeared from television screens and It was she who helped him re-emergeAnd Maria Devilipi.

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Maria de Filippi’s assistant to Gianni Spirti

The separation from Paola Barali was a very difficult period for Gianni Spirti, who says that he suffered greatly from the end of this marriage and that he took a lot of effort before he recovered. These are the commentator’s words: “It was a huge disappointment because everything I had planned to build in life had been completely destroyed.”

Only in 2003 the guy was able to appear on television again That’s it This was possible thanks to Maria de Felipewho chose Gianni Spirti as commentator on her TV show Men and Women, a moment that the former dancer never stopped.

This is the reason why people feel today Very grateful to the queen of Italian televisionthe person who somehow saved his life, to whom he also addressed his public thanks a while ago: “The person who helped me after the marriage ended was Maria de Felipe. He listened to me, he let me talk. He made me regain my self-confidence.”

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