Genoa. The United States and China in a global confrontation

Genoa.  The United States and China in a global confrontation

Overview of “The United States and China in a Global Confrontation” Asterius Publishing House, 2022.

With author Raffaele Sciortino

Saturday, March 4th at 3:30 p.m

People’s space in Santa Brigida, Piazza dei Trugoli di Santa Brigida

The current stage of international unrest and the winds of war blowing with disturbing force more than ever tell us of a world in which the system of capitalist accumulation after the development of globalization is going through a deep crisis. For the author, the crisis is linked to the exacerbation of differences between the United States and China, whose economic alliance was characterized by a long period starting from the seventies, at least until the first decades of the present. After surveying the key passages that defined the characteristics of the period in question, the analysis focuses on the real contenders, the United States and China, through a comparative analysis integrating the economic structure and the political superstructure.

A sophisticated look that cannot fail to interact with international relations and geopolitics.

An analysis that interests us closely, in a struggle whose outcome will have comprehensive repercussions for the future of workers at the global level.

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