What will SUVs be like in the future? The prototype that predicts it all

What will SUVs be like in the future?  The prototype that predicts it all

The automotive world is in turmoil, and the electric challenge has also changed the way we perceive it. A new futuristic prototype has been launched.

Especially when you are on the highway and have the opportunity to observe a large number of vehicles, it is easy to see that they are all the same. Few manufacturers today are able to propose a unique design capable of attracting attention, unless we look at sports and high-performance cars. That’s definitely another issue.

This is what the SUVs of the future will be like (AllaGuida)

However, someone has taken advantage of the structural change that electric and hybrid powertrains have required to create something truly noteworthy. It is a Japanese company that cooperates with a very important school He gave life to a model that could be revolutionary.

Mitsubishi launches into the future, prototype leaves you speechless

he is called Moonstone was born thanks to the contribution of seventeen Master’s students in Transport Design Who cooperated with Mitsubishi designers. The goal was to create a machine that was as advanced as possible in terms of lines and respectful of the environment. The keen interest in aerodynamics, advanced technology, amazing performance and zero emissions are the components of the concept car that wanted to imagine what the future of the automotive industry would be like.

Before delving into the technical characteristics, let’s focus on the name, which is a clear reference to space exploration, a message that research should never be interrupted even in the field of automobile production.

As we expected Particular focus has been placed on cutting-edge devices, starting with lidarRadar obstacle detectors on the hood, and fog lights that are definitely not noticeable. Equipped with all-wheel drive, the aesthetics are that of a sports car, while the interiors created on the basis of an ergonomic study ensure maximum habitability for all four passengers who can be accommodated.

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With a bit of parochialism we can say that Italy has also contributed to the future of four wheels, since the participating students come from the IED in Turin.

The starting idea was to translate the SUV formula, currently widely exploited, into the future. The resulting car is 4.66 meters long, 2 meters wide and just under 1.7 meters high.

Mitsubishi Moonstone Car of the Future (IED) – Allaguida.it

Special attention was paid to aerodynamics In order to increase the efficiency of the engine and battery. One of the most notable interventions is removing rear-view mirrors and replacing them with cameras like those mentioned above.

The shapes are rounded, in stark contrast to current preferences Which focuses on sharp edges. The height from the ground is 25 cm, and the lights are placed high to protect them from possible shocks. As for the wheels we chose Huge 21-inch wheels Tires suitable for all types of surfaces. The traction system is all-wheel drive, while no specific notes have been issued about the battery range and power of the drive unit.

A final feature that puts this conceptual work into future perspective is Complete lack of real communication between controls and mechanics. Everything is electronically connected, making the cabin feel more bare than the cars we’re used to driving

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